Essays on International Marketing and Export Management Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing and Export Management" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The report which looks at determining the strategic marketing strategy for UNE Life has brought forward different dimensions based on which marketing strategy has been crafted out. It is clearly identified that UNE Life has a great opportunity for ensuring business development based on the different areas which will help to improve business. Currently, UNE Life is at its growing phase and can look to act as a pioneer where they develop new rules and strategies to improve their market presence.

The most viable option seems to be a niche penetration strategy out of the different strategies of the mass market, niche, skimming or early withdrawal strategies as it will help them to improve their market share. This has to be matched by a strategy that will be aimed towards being a market leader and follow a combination of market expansion through a new target segmentation strategy along with a fortress strategy so that overall dimensions and areas of strength can be understood.

This will help UNE Life to be able to identify the different dimensions through which overall business strategy can be shaped up and will thereby help to maximize the overall gains for carrying out business. The product life cycle also brings forward the different key areas where they need to lay relevance for improvement in the growth of the business. UNE Life has to look at harvesting and niche strategy when the business reaches its decline stage so that new opportunities to grow the business are identified. The present organizational structure which is being followed is more inclined towards functional organizational structure whereas using a matrix structure will be more beneficial and will help to provide better results as the market needs will be better met.

The marketing metrics highlight an opportunity for growth on the backdrop that it has to look at retaining the old and existing members and at the same time look to find out ways to attract new potential customers who can help them to sustain their business. Finally, the marketing audit helps to evaluate the different macro-environmental, organizational and strategic audit which will help to determine the process through which long term success can be ensured. Overall, UNE Life has been able to develop appropriate strategies and needs to look towards making certain ramifications and adopting strategies that will improve their market services.

This will aid in growing the business and will help to ensure that the overall framework is better shaped. 2.0 Introduction This report follows the earlier report which focuses on identifying and presenting the basic marketing plan and strategy which UNE Life has followed. This report will thereby aim towards enhancing the in-depth knowledge of the different marketing strategy which is most suitable during the different stages of the product life cycle and market entry strategies which can be applied. The report will initially focus on the stage where UNE Life is on the product life cycle and the market entry strategy which will be most appropriate for them.

This will be followed by examining different growth strategies like mass market, niche, skimming or early withdrawal strategies that they can look to follow so that the overall process of carrying out business improves.

In addition to it, the different marketing strategies which UNE Life can use during the different phases of the product life cycle has also been presented. A discussion has been made on the new economy market and organizational structure which has been used by UNE Life and the changes which can be done so that overall working process improves. Finally, the paper will focus on presenting the marketing metrics and audits so that deviation is the business process that can be identified and based on its changes can be made in the marketing structure so that better results are achieved.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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