Essays on Strategic Marketing Plan for Apple- iPhone4 Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Marketing Plan for Apple- iPhone4" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. This analysis has focused on the essential market objectives of Apple in its quest to increase its market scope through the incorporation of the older demographics in Australia. A situational analysis has provided the hints for new market objectives which are analyzed in detail. The current market analysis provides the fundamental goals of the new objective. The market objective determined in this case is the introduction of a new iPhone to the market. The new iPhones will have business-oriented features and hence lure the older demographic which the company has not yet captured. A comprehensive market positioning strategy has also been discussed based on the target market, a complete market mix cover which essentially forms the basis of competitor positioning response.

The rationale for the competitor response analysis is to prevent market failure due to poor anticipation of the competitor’ s counteractions. In response to this, an effective contingency plan has been identified in order to effectively respond to the competitor's reactions as the product is being launched in the market.

An effective market plan that entails, organizational preparedness, pilot taste, and final market launch has been outlined in order to act as a benchmark for the company to utilize. Identification of potential barriers to the implementation process also provides an insight into problems that the company should anticipate inhibiting market failure. Introduction Because of the increased competition in the current market place, it is necessary for any company to ensure that its marker is constantly analyzed for gap identification and potential market opportunities or threats.

Poor anticipation of threats and opportunities could lead to market failure and hence the failure of the company as well. Market changes are particularly enormous in the technology field, this is because of the ever-increasing innovations and progress of technology. All the companies in the technology field are thus required to constantly improve their products in order to meet the ever-demanding customer expectations. Apple has been successful in its market objective so far, it relies on its effective Research and Development department(R& D) and efficient distribution channels that are widespread. The company also enjoys a large market share of its exceptional products such as iPads, iPods and the current iPhone4.

This analysis focuses on the SWOT analysis case study in order to realize new and essential marker objectives that Apple should develop in order to increase its grasp in the market by increasing the older demographic niche. Essential aspects covered in this analysis include the strategic objective, strategic market plan, competitive positioning, competitor analysis, and response and implementation plan together with potential barriers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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