Essays on Strategic Marketing Plan for Classic Designers Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Marketing Plan for Classic Designers" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. This report will analyze the marketing plan for Classic Designers so that better strategies pertaining to marketing can be developed. The report will analyze the different strategy that Classic Designers will take in relation to market entry; the product life cycle; strategy in relation to being a pioneer or a follower; strategies in different phases of the business like growth, shakeout, mature and decline phases; the organizational structure which will be adopted by the business; the marketing plan and marketing metrics and audit.

The analysis of the different aspects will help Classic Designers to develop and prepare for the required strategies. This will help to use the different resources in the most productive manner and will multiply the customer experience and ensure better services and products to the customers. Basic idea about the service Classic Designers as the name suggest will sell fashion clothes specifically for women. The business will offer a wide range of stocks of cloths that will be manufactured from different fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton which are readily available in different colors, prints, and designs.

These clothes will be designed using the most up to date fashion trends that customers will like. Classic Designers will be run by persons who are well experienced in dealing with designer clothing. With the manager having more than ten years of experience in designer business, Classic Designers is expected to pick up sales at a very high rate. Furthermore, the location of the business will necessitate sales. This business will be located in Canberra city, after which other stores and selling outlets will be opened in other states of Australia.

Classic Designers have no doubt in their customer service, uniqueness and designing of quality clothes and shoes for their customers. These will the designer to be the preferred shopping experience among women and the place for quality, affordable and ever-present women wear. Classic Designers have chosen women as their customers because they want to specialize in specific customers as this will avoid missing their best customers. Vision The vision of Classic Designers is “ To be renowned women wear designer acknowledged globally for our products setting lifestyle, fashion, and trend. ” Mission The classic designer’ s mission is to provide timely clothing solutions for women at any given time.

The business objects to make available clients' clothing needs in their convenient manner. It will endeavor to make its services and products inclusive and dynamic for its customers. The products targets women and the business will make available all clothing that women need. It will aim to make its products better options. Its credibility will be guided philosophy, strong ethics and an objective of service beyond expectations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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