Essays on Strategic Marketing Plan for Qantas Airways Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Marketing Plan for Qantas Airways" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. The purpose of the report is to analyze one of the existing products or services and to identify the manner in which the organization has been able to use the different internal and external factors to enhance their performance. This is matched by further looking at the manner in which differentiation, marketing, targeting, positioning and segmentation strategy are being adopted by the organization. This thereby helps towards evaluating the manner in which the business will be able to find out the different directions through which efficiency will be achieved.

The report focuses on Qantas Airways which is one of the oldest airlines in Australia and connects more than 80 destinations over 40 countries all around the world. This is matched by analyzing the target market for Qantas and the manner in which the organization has grown its business by further looking at understanding the different aspects through which better performance can be delivered. Company Overview Qantas Airlines which started its operation in 1920 has grown to become one of the largest airlines in Australia.

Qantas had achieved excellence in providing safety, reliability, engineering and maintenance and customer service. The main focus of the organization is in providing travel services which have helped them to expand their network in over 40 countries (Qantas Airways Limited. 2010). Qantas Airways provides employment to over 33000 employees and has contributed immensely towards the Australian GDP. Its current revenue is over 15.7 billion Australian dollars with an operating income of 3.01 billion Australian dollars with net assets over 21.15 billion Australian Dollars (Flight Global.

2010). The organization had focused on providing quality services which have helped them to enhance their brand image and have thereby helped them to create a market for its services. External Analysis The external analysis for Qantas Airways is being analyzed through the Porter Five Force Model which will help to understand the different strategies which have to be developed and is as (Hamel & Prahalad, 2004) The Threat of Entry of New Player: The threat of new players is low because of the high initial cost which has to be incurred to start the business.

The only threat in the airline industry is that the opening up of economies has enabled the other players to operate in different skies which have thereby multiplied the threat of new players (Hamel & Prahalad, 2004). This is matched by the fact that the airlines face strict competition from different areas and requires the development of better services to reduce the level of competition The threat of Substitute Product: The threat of substitutes is low especially for long-distance travel as airlines ensure that people can commute over a long distance over a shorter period of time.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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