Essays on Marketing Strategy and Customer Involvement in Product Development Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategy and Customer Involvement in Product Development" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The contents of this paper are aimed at pragmatically lying down the components of a strategic marketing plan for an organization and the aspects it needs to inculcate in the plan in order to have an edge in the market. The paper will begin by giving an introduction to strategic marketing and then go ahead to discuss the various aspect that support it. The paper will discuss the components of a SMART objective plan and its relevance to the organization.

The next component that will be given attention is the potter’ s five analysis and it contributes to a strategic marketing plan. The paper will also evaluate the importance of the marketing mix and its components to ensure that a strategic marketing plan is a successful one. Conclusions will be drawn in the last part of the paper based on the content derived from each part. Strategic Marketing is a practice and process that was developed by businessmen in order to help their organizations reach the persons targeted by the products or the services from the organization.

In as much as an organization focus on marketing, it has come to be that the competition in the market has grown and marketing on its own is not enough to help an organization have the leverage it needs in the market. Strategic market marketing is the new concept in business and has helped many organization s to meet their objectives also achieve the main goal that is customer satisfaction. The paper focuses on the UNE and how one can make a marketing strategy that will help a brand or an organization succeed in UNE life.

The UNE is a university that is focused on sport and the main business of the day is making sure that sport is sold to the best and sports brand are sold and the marketing strategies reach the related personnel. The university is focused on sport making all the business plans for any organization to be spot related since at UNE life is on sports branding and sports merchandise. The contents of this paper will seek to give some of the strategic marketing plans and strategies that are to be followed in order for an organization to succeed in the UNE life.

The paper will first look at the smart objective that is to be undertaken for an organization to succeed in the UNE business life. The paper will then go ahead and discuss the competition to be expected in the context of Porter’ s five competitive forces that are in the market. The paper will also give the challenges in terms of marketing that are expected to be faced in the marketing plan of an organization and the also the marketing mix to be employed in the market and the importance of having market research in the region before venturing into business.

The paper will also give the targeting of the market as well as the segmentation and positioning of an organization in the market and how helpful they are in the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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