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Essays on Qantas Airlines Market Analysis - Product Life Cycle, Strategies to be Applied, SWOT Analysis to Identify Threats and Opportunities Essay

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The paper “ Qantas Airlines’ Market Analysis - Product Life Cycle, Strategies to be Applied, SWOT Analysis to Identify Threats and Opportunities" is a potent variant of a case study on marketing. This report highlights the marketing strategy of Qantas Airlines, one of the largest airlines of Australia and focuses on formulating, implementing and measuring the marketing strategies in a logical manner. In order to develop an appropriate marketing strategy various aspects has been considered minutely which includes market entry strategies, product life cycle of Qantas Airlines and current position of the company along with strategies it needs to develop to gain maximum advantage, identifying whether Qantas Airlines looks to follow a pioneer or a follower’ s strategy with different strategies for different phases pertaining to growth, shakeout, mature and decline stages of a product life cycle.

The report further throws light on the organizational structure suitable for the company along with marketing plan, marketing metrics and concluding with a marketing audit to check the overall impact on the organization. The report has been designed with a motive of helping Qantas Airlines to increase its productivity, gain optimal benefits from its resources and ensure to develop superior quality and innovative performance for the company to emerge as a market leader and gain higher returns, profits and brand recognition. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF QANTAS AIRLINESQantas Airlines is today regarded as one of the leading airlines in Australia and came into operation during the 1920s.

The company aims in providing safety, reliability, engineering and maintenance and excellent customer service and satisfaction. The company operates on a number of strategies, like the corporate strategy which focuses on the scope and resource deployment of Qantas, the business level strategy which focuses on sustainable developments and competitive edge over its rivals (Flight Global.

2010). The company’ s main business is providing transportation to its customers using two complementary air brands Qantas and Jetstar. Lastly, functional strategies to look after the accomplishment of company objectives within a specific service market. Apart from customer transportation in its own brands the company also focuses on providing aircraft services, courier services, catering services, etc. The company connects over 40 countries across the globe and provides employment to over 33000 employees globally.

In order to make its services easily available, Qantas has opened its own windows in leading airports and appointed many agencies and travel agents to boost up the sales of the company. Mission and Vision of Qantas AirlinesFrom the very inception of the foundation of Qantas Airlines the company aimed in providing the best quality services to its customers in every aspect of its product line. Customer satisfaction has been always ensured and efforts are made to deliver superior quality services to its customers.

Qantas' vision to emerge as the world’ s global leader in the airline business is always aimed by setting short term goals and regular evaluation of the same. The company has already made its services available in major parts of the globe covering over 40 countries and efforts have been directed to enlarge the same (Qantas Airways, 2011). Market share and business growth rate had been phenomenal with equal focus and advancement in the use of the latest technology to provide its customers with comfortable traveling experience and creating brand loyalty and brand image of its own.

Qantas has aimed to “ earn goodwill” rather than “ purchase goodwill” and efforts are directed to achieve the same in future years to come.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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