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The paper "Importance of Marketing Audit for a Company" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. As businesses change every day, marketers have focused on strategies that are flexible and assisting the business to have a competitive gain. In some scenarios, the owners of the business have used additional characteristics or product reformation in enhancing the improvement of marketing strategies. It is, therefore, this reason businesses have identified the key reason for a marketing strategy plan. The key factor for the marketing technique plans has been for a company to have a product stand out with a competitive gain in the market.

Businesses gain competitive benefit by minimizing the cost of production, gaining higher returns, and being able to counterpart with other competitors. As such, this paper focuses on evaluating strategic marketing plans in businesses. Introduction In any business entity, the key objective is to increase their sales and as well as maintain competitive gain against other businesses. It is, in this case, the strategies used in marketing plays a fundamental role in enhancing business performance. In the businesses, the marketing strategies are connected will all the short term and long term business activities.

In addition, all the basic activities are enhanced by the marketing strategies that a business is using. Generally, in any business there a notable differences between marketing tactics and marketing objectives. For a better understanding, marketing objectives focus on the organization's goal such as being a market, front-runner (Cohen, 2006). Also, in a market mission businesses focuses on offering services to customers with principle and self-esteem. On the other hand, marketing strategies clearly indicates the way that businesses attain the stated missions and maintain their consistency in the market.

Therefore, it is vital for any business to prepare a detailed plan on the way it will build well-established marketing tactics. Therefore, marketing strategies can be viewed as essential components that play a positive in enhancing the performance of any business. In the case of the UNE life business, the entity has focused on maintaining strategic plans that can be significant in monitoring the problems and provide a possible solution when marketing problems arise (Unelife. com. au, 2015). UNE life business uses established marketing tactics in ensuring competitive gain in the marketplace.

UNE business schools have for a long period of time offer the study of marketing to improve the student skills essential in marketing. The school offers the course of marketing so as to ensure that people are equipped with prospect skills that will ensure execution marketing management abilities. However, for the UNE life business to maintain its competitiveness, the business has introduced some offering so as to target a group of customers. It is in this situation whereby, sport in UNE has played a key role in marketing.

Therefore, this paper focuses on discussing the UNE life business marketing structure concentrating on the marketing strategies applied by the business. Section one Discuss the relevance of a pioneer or a follower strategy by highlighting suitable strategic market programs for the UNE Life. Pioneer strategy In the UNE life business, one of the valuable strategies that are used in branding the business is the advantage of a pioneer. In this case, pioneer strategy refers to as being the first to emerge in the market or to generate a fresh market (Paley, 2005).

Therefore, the UNE life business has implemented the strategy of being the pioneer in offering UNE-sport to the targeted group. In this context, the university uses sport as a method of marketing its brand. The advantage of being a pioneer in the market is that the business will own the product being introduced in the market. The studies that have been carried out, shows that customers get familiar with the brand and remembers the business's brand in a simple manner.


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