Essays on Developing of New Channels of Distribution to Access the New Markets Assignment

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The paper "Developing of New Channels of Distribution to Access the New Markets " is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. The contents of this paper heighten on descriptive components of a strategic marketing plan that should be attached to the organization as well as the aspects of planning to meet the market edge. The paper gives a detailed introductive statement on strategic marketing and then advance in discussing the various aspects support the marketing strategy. The paper conceptualize in discussing the components of strategic marketing objective plan and its relevance to the organization.

The essay constitutes a pragmatic analysis of UNE Life's strategic market programs and their contribution to a strategic marketing plan. The essay also gives an evaluative predicament on the importance of the marketing mix and its components to ensure a successful strategic marketing plan. Marketing strategy Marketing strategy is mostly a fundamental goal that is used by several industries or businesses to achieve and increase a competitive advantage that is sustainable over others. The Marketing strategy includes all the basic, both short term and long term activities that are available in the field of marketing that majorly deals with the analysis of the strategic first situation of a business and also the formulation, selection, and evaluation of the market-oriented strategies because all these strategies contribute to the goals of the business and together with its marketing goals and objectives. The relevance of a pioneering strategy for the selected UNE Life’ s business offering Developing a UNE Life’ s market strategy Developing a UNE Life’ s market strategy generally starts with a general scan of the business environment such as the internal and external environment that includes understanding of the general strategic constraints because it is necessary for the company to try picking the several available aspects of the external environment such as economic, technology, culture and also the needed legal aspects that are important for an organization.

Strategies are both interactive and dynamic, either partially planned or partially unplanned, so as to enable a UNE Life firm to react to any unforeseen developments as they try to keep focused on a particular pathway where a longer time frame is generally preferred. There are simulations like the customer lifetime value models that can assist the marketers to carry out what-if analyses so as to forecast what might happen to base on possible actions and also gauges how specific actions may affect such variables as the revenue or revenue per customer and the mix rate.

The strategies habitually specify how to adjust the marketing mix so as to fit perfectly the market. UNE Life firms can use diverse tools like the Marketing Mix Modeling that will help them come to a decision on how to apportion scarce resources for diverse media, as well as how to apportion funds across a portfolio of brands.

In addition, UNE Life firms can carry out performance analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, and even the target market analysis because a key aspect of marketing strategy is usually to keep the marketing consistent with a UNE Life company's overarching mission and vision.


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