Essays on Strategic Operations Issues - OZ Minerals Limited Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Operations Issues - OZ Minerals Limited" is a great example of a management case study. Operations management is a key component of any corporate organization and without it, a company risks performing poorly. Proper and sound operations management help the organization in achieving its corporate objectives. Using OZ Minerals, this paper discusses operational issues; for instance, the paper provides an in-depth company description. Similarly, OZ Minerals has production issues-particularly in its open-pit mines; the paper describes and analyses these issues. Accordingly, recommendations as to what OZ Minerals should do in the future to ensure it meets its production objectives have also been giving. Introduction OZ Minerals is an Australian based copper mining company; the main company activities are operated in the high-quality new Prominent Hill copper-gold mine in South Australia (OZ Minerals 2013).

The company is building a pipeline project that is singularly aimed at delivering superior returns in the medium term through organic developments, acquisitions as well through its intensive commitment to exploration including existing projects and for new opportunities identification (Nemetz 2013). The company has a stable financial capacity, highly skilled personnel including mining industry professionals; more importantly, OZ Minerals is committed to respecting, action, integrity and results.

Regardless of the described company strategic positioning, the OZ Mineral has various operational issues that must be sorted out in order for the company to holistically achieve its strategic goals. For instance, some of these issues include production problems, remuneration issues, safety performance issues, among others. This paper discusses production issues at OZ Minerals. Company Description OZ Minerals a modern Australian based copper mining company. The company owns and operates Prominent Hill copper-gold mine comprising of Malu Open Pit, Malu Underground, and Ankata Underground.

Similarly, the company owns the Carrapateena copper-gold project. Prominent Hill and Carrapateena are strategically located in South Australia’ s mining jurisdiction (OZ Minerals 2013). The business model of OZ Minerals is tasked with generating shareholder value through the discovery and development of copper deposits together with the production and sale of copper concentrate (Rankin 2011). For example, Prominent Hill is associated with the production of high-grade copper concentrate that contains copper, gold, and silver which are mainly sold to Europe and Asia.

The company is aimed at increasing its production; for this reason, project evaluations, particularly at Carrapateena, are being conducted. Similarly, the company continuously conducts exploration activities to identify new deposits. According to OZ Minerals Annual Report, 2013, the company market capitalization was $955.9 million, the direct workforce of 380 employees (OZ Minerals 2013). The Prominent Hill facility had approximately 1,400 employees whereby most of them were contractor’ s employees. The company is a modern business and thus significantly facilitates the organizational culture that embraces diversity. The belief that a workforce that is inclusive of both men and women as well as people of all generations and cultures massively add value to its core business is true.

OZ Minerals is also strongly focused on environmental sustainability; this has ensured that company operational activities add value to its people, the community within which it operates, and the larger environment. OZ Minerals main objective is to deliver superior shareholder returns built upon a foundation of Governance and Zero Harm.  


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