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IntroductionA strategic plan seeks to provide the organization with a sense of identity and direction towards the attainment of the set goals (Schuler, 1992). There is an old saying, which states that failure to plan means planning to fail, and therefore strategic management plan is what gives the organization the direction and path to undertake in order to attain its goals and objectives. It is therefore apparent that strategic management plans guide organizations towards success. The plan takes into consideration the mission, vision and the goals of the organization (Skaggs & Youndt, 2004).

It is important to ensure that the strategic plan is workable in order to ascertain the attainment of the goals. This paper seeks to analyze DEEWR strategic plan, providing objective analysis and interpretation of the strategic plan. Human resource implications will be identified from DEEWR strategic plan, which will then be applied in developing a strategic plan that addresses the identified human resource implications. Priorities that DEEWR wishes to achieve in the short- to medium-termDepartment of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) is at the core of the Australian government productivity agenda, which has an objective of making a real difference to ensure that, everyone shares in the country’s prosperity.

The DEEWR strategic plan ascertains the department’s pathway for the subsequently three years. The plan reflects the main concerns set forth by the government, which includes the development of early childhood by developing an optimistic start in life, quality education results at all levels, a secure, just, industrious and successful workplace, a skilled, productive and educated workforce with increased participation, and a participative and inclusive community. These priorities are mirrored through five major goals and supporting strategies that offer focus for the department’s endeavor.

From the plan, one of the main priorities to be accomplished within the three year period encompasses; ensuring that the different departmental areas work jointly efficiently to put into practice the government’s agenda. In order to attain these goals, the department of education, employment and workplace relations works jointly with the Council of Australian Government offering direction and guidance for these aims and how they are accomplished. Internal and external factors affecting the DEEWR strategic planIt is evident that, every firm is faced by different internal and external factors that need to be addressed if such plans as attainment of goals and objectives are to be realized.

In our case study, DEEWR lies on the same ladder. The department’s strategic plan faces various internal and external factors that are a threat to its human resource needs. Some of them include: There is a wide gap between indigenous Australians and this is seen as a major challenge that is basic to the work across the public service and the department itself.

It is true from the plan that, many Australians are disadvantaged and marginalized in education, employment, training, and in the society. This gap is seen to affect the human resource needs and if not closed, the DEEWR strategic plan may not meet its objectives. Lack of enforceable minimum national employment principles. This is vital as it ensures a fair, secure, industrious and successful workplace. Poor workplace safety arrangement is a major health hazard and may greatly influence employee’s performance. This as a result may result to increased probability of risks and low productivity among the workforce.

Rigid and traditional practices in the work places which may influence the firm’s outcomes. Employees and employers are not conversant with the modern practices and an attempt to educate them on this may take time while others may not be willing to learn. This is a major challenge to the human resources as they may be forced to retrench and recruit new employees. Poor communication between the various departments is a great challenge as it may affect the functioning of the organization.

This may result to slow or failure to achieve the set goals. Political influence whereby there may be interference by the government officials

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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