Essays on Qatar Airways - Strategic Position, External Environment, Strategic Choices Case Study

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The paper “ Qatar Airways -   Strategic Position, External Environment, Strategic Choices” is an engrossing example of the case study on management.   Strategic management refers to an all-inclusive assortment of ongoing actions and developments within an organization. This is a managerial framework used to harmonize and ally the organization’ s resources to the mission and vision of the organization. This denotes an overall plan by management, which helps in identifying the relevant decisions and actions (David 2005). Strategic management actions help to convert fixed procedures to structures that offer performance response in line with the decisions made as well as to allow the management to review its decisions in relation to the changes in the market.

Additionally, it involves some basic continuing procedures; analysis, decision making, and action. In strategic management, analysis entails considering the environment in which the organization wants to operate. This will bring about the need to make appropriate decisions and follow them in the action plan (David 2005). Strategic management overly constitutes strategic potential, a position as well as choice. These basic aspects contribute in a major way to the life cycle of an organization participating in the airline industry.

Strategic potential entails the available opportunities an organization has at present in the industry it seeks to venture into. Additionally, the strategic position is usually utilized by the managerial officials to access the organization’ s capabilities. This is in line with the strategic choices since; the strategies to be implemented are normally aligned with the current state of the organization. Qatar Airways operates in the airline business. Thus, it is essential to assess the industry and implement appropriate strategies that would affect its operational performance.

By making outstanding managerial decisions, the organization can progress in this field without fail (David 2005).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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