Essays on Effectiveness of Strategic Planning upon Health Care Research Proposal

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The paper "Effectiveness of Strategic Planning upon Health Care " is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   The formulation of a systematic and organized process that enables an organization to progress from its present situation to a desired future position is termed strategic planning. As such, it constitutes the group of decision-making criteria and the decisions made and implemented by an organization to steer its activities and structure. Moreover, strategic planning is a logical process that endeavors to make future proximate. In addition, it facilitates the study and simulation of the future.

Furthermore, strategic planning discloses concealed threats or opportunities, thereby facilitating an early response. The advantage of strategic planning is that it provides an explicit and unambiguous framework for arriving at the routine decisions. Furthermore, it enables the identification of fragmentary and unaligned choices or personal value judgments, which serve to simplify the process of managerial decision making. Strategic planning promotes the participation and commitment of the entire health organization in realizing the planned for results. In this manner, it emerges as a critical feature of institutional cohesion.

Strictly speaking, an organization that boasts of outstanding strategic planning, which it applies diligently, projects a trustworthy and sincere corporate image and reputation. The majority of the health care organizations have adopted the strategic perspective that had been formulated by the business sector. Moreover, these organizations have developed strategic management processes that are exclusive to their sector. It has been acknowledged by the prominent entities of health care that strategic thinking, planning, and managing strategic momentum are indispensable for dealing with the intricacies of the health care industry. Thus, strategic management has achieved the status of a cardinal expression of effective leadership in health care organizations.


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