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The human resource department is charged with the obligation of identifying and recruiting the employees for the organization. This is an important role since the success of the company goals depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. There are two major sources of sources of applicants for the organization i. e. internal and external sources. There are various types of internal sources. First is the promotion or transfer of present employees as a source of recruitment. Promoted employees have the advantage of knowing the culture of the organization, reduces on job training and further motivate workers.

The disadvantage is that sometimes internal employee’s lack the skills required to execute new task or may not promote new blood (Stone & Kendall, 2006). Second source is former employees’ i. e. retrenched or retired employees with interest in the organization. They are aware of the organization culture and experience. However, they might not be able to increase productivity. The third internal source is employee referrals where employees refer friends, family members or relatives as potential employees. The advantage is that the new employees will easily get mentored and adapt to the organization.

The drawback of the method is that it might promote discrimination and impair probability of employing qualified staff. The last internal source is from previous applicants. They are deemed internal source because their application are already with the company. They have the advantage of long term interaction with the business and may be very willing to dedicate their efforts to the organization. The disadvantage is that they may not be currently available to offer their services to the organization. There are also different external sources of applicants.

First is the placement agency where consultancy firms recruits on behalf of companies by charging fees. They are best in recruiting experts and specialists but may not be aware of the company’s. Other externals sources include advertising, labor contractors, employment exchanges, educational institute and deputation. They have the advantage of bringing qualified employees because of their competitiveness. The drawback is that they may be time consuming and new employees may require a long time to be oriented (Yeung, 2008). Employment at will policy is one in which the employees are given jobs depending on their willingness and readiness to execute the tasks.

The steps involve in adopting this policy is through conducting a management consultation in a bid to win the confidence and management support. The policy will be then formulated and adhered to when conducting recruitment. It ensures that only motivated workforce is recruited hence increasing performance. References Stone, C. H., & Kendall, W. E. (2006). Effective personnel selection procedures. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall. Yeung, R. (2008). Successful interviewing and recruitment. London: Kogan Page.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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