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Using your strengths at work and shoring up a weakness Using Your Strengths at Work One of my major strengths is curiosity and interest in the world. Progressively, cultural and intercultural disagreements have influenced the effectiveness of the workers’ performance at multiple hotels and hospitality workplace. Personally, I believe that my curiosity in my profession can develop the communication skills of workers from different cultural families. For instance, using my curiosity in tourism catering and guest handling is able to decrease the issues that come about through cultural standards, principles and disagreements (Cameron 28).

My performance at wok will be boosted since I will be able to efficiency communicate with other workers in my place of work. Intercultural training is an interest I would also take to increase maintenance of efficiency in the place of work. Being curious about different cultures does not necessarily imply being a foreigner. Intercultural interrelations bring about awareness and efficient communication with people from different states. This way, it is easier to work with people who have an understanding of various cultures, values and behaviors (Li (Annie) 12).

Certain workplace circumstances may arise and call for the purpose of widespread knowledge about other cultures. For example, a model for sex specific clothing. Honesty and genuineness is in tandem with curiosity in different cultures at the workplace, and my opinion in such a situation requires a genuine answer (Cameron 38). We are only able to trust those who are honest and consistent with their actions. The disclosure of full details can only be done by those who are willing to handle tough issues. Honesty and genuineness are additional strengths that I hold and contribute to an improvement in my work performance.

This is because I am capable of developing a much higher level of trust from the organization’s capacity to pull through. My curiosity and interest in the rest of the world is more workplace-grounded, assisting my fellow workers to improve their professions and organizations to work better. This is because I usually look forward to a positive future and work towards accomplishing it. Since I believe that my future is controllable, the organization is in good hands with a worker possessing such strengths (Li (Annie) 13).

My curiosity and interest in the rest of the world assists in practicing my experience in gratitude and articulating it to others (Cameron 45). Gratitude is another strength that I possess and is in tandem with my curiosity and interest in the rest of the world. Showing gratitude towards learning other cultures will dissolve multiple workplace issues, increasing my chances of accomplishing novel perceptions. On the other hand, if my curiosity and interest in the rest of the world is overused, I am not likely to notice the perspective and bad image that I would be imposing on my fellow workers.

Stretching my interest in the world might bring about trespassing issues. Violation of privacy of other workers is a likely risk that I would be exposing myself and career to. Such violations would be exposing me to lesser composure in handling workplace issues and other non-life or death circumstances. The end result is a curiosity by itself. Therefore, I would ordinarily wok hard to end what I began.

The type of project at hand is not important since time and fashion is a key sense in the workplace. Distraction can be easily evaded by combining diligence and curiosity. These are two strengths that I hold, able to assist me in creating my satisfaction for finishing workplace tasks and projects. Shoring up a weakness One of my lowest strengths is modesty and humility. If my superior looks forward to me being humble, I am not able to lead by example (Cameron 51). Asking for the impossible from known employees is a waste of time and reducing such defects of wok is recommended.

Therefore, supporting people with capital and labor force, and in times of crisis, will be able to maximize the efficiency of job performance. Eventually, my little humility will decrease the workload. One should be able to listen more than they speak, and active encouragement towards certain workers can be able to voice their concepts. The delegation of authority and responsibility can also bring about liability towards such employees. Individually, I can practice humility in the workplace to create a more pleasant-sounding and cooperative work surrounding since people feel as if they could contribute to ideas devoid of fear (Li (Annie) 18).

Developing humility and modesty can be brought about by use of other strengths that can compensate room for such virtues in my work activities and relations. Humility and modesty can also be developed if there were more role models and examples in the workplace. Practicing humility and modesty begins with internal development of these virtues the people we are normally toughest on is ourselves (Cameron 55). The demonstration of these weaknesses is able to illustrate personal and collective appreciation of cultures and forgiving traditions.

The moment we are able to authenticate our outstanding humanity, the development of compassion towards other people becomes crucial. All situations at the workplace require humility and modesty because workers are entrusted with data belonging to clients and the organization’s confidential database. Therefore, evading situations that require humility and modesty becomes nearly impossible. However, the solution is to realize means of confronting and handling such issues whenever they arise. I am able to utilize one of my major strengths to minimize the use of a weakness such as modesty.

For instance, I can use my Industrious, diligent, and perseverant nature in order to understand the workplace health and security necessities for generosity and leisure. My obligations towards humility are beneath the law and I am supposed to regard and comprehend the legislature and codes of practice (Cameron 52). I happen to be a very cautious individual and my choices are always sensible. I am not likely to state things that I may regret afterward.

My articulation though words and deeds that show humility and modesty is underdeveloped. Other workers in my workgroup can assist me in improving the strength of optimistic feedback to another co-employee. A company with a soul with makes room for improvement in personal development and expression of virtues that are important in the workplace. Creating a values-grounded program through balancing strategies will make management more effective. An action plan can comprise of balancing the strategies brought about by external stakeholders. The use of official reports that manage the moral and lawful conformity ought to be primarily implemented.

Humility and modesty are weaknesses that can be converted to strengths though assistance from other workers in my workgroup. Goodwill can be drawn upon when I am confronting moral confrontations. When an employee is aware of ethics issues taking place in an organization, the efficient morals or conformity management unit is supposed to take it more possible that the worker will ask for assistance (Li (Annie) 24). As a member of the board, I should take some time and try to find out the response the employees receive concerning the policy and regulations of the organization against bribes.

The confusion caused can be handled by reputable advice early enough to prevent issues and give workers correct guidance on organizational policies and regulations against fraud activities (Cameron 58). Works cited Cameron, Kim. Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance: Easyread Edition. New York: ReadHowYouWant. com, 2009 Li (Annie), Xu. A Framework for Intercultural Training in Hotel Workplaces. Auckland: Auckland University of Technology

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