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IntroductionThe aim of the essay is to discuss about two organizations that are operating in the same market place. The two organizations will be functioning with different strategies and one will be having a change in price and another will be having change in innovation. The first company that will be put under the scanner will be from the media and marketing segment from Dubai, UAE. The paper will be taking into consideration two companies from the Middle East market preferably from UAE for discussion. The first company that will be taken for discussion is the AME info and the discussion will be on innovation.

The market or the industry that the company is operating is Media. AME INFOOpportunitiesOnline media is growing. ThreatsIt has to face competition from print media and other forms of online media. StrengthsStrength of AME is the entry and maintenance of online media. WeaknessAME Info will be facing threat from other online media. The Middle East has undergone transformation and the economy that has been dependent solely on oil and gas has diversified into finance, tourism and other areas. The price increase in oil and the economic reforms has meant that the path taken by Middle East has been successful.

That has helped opening of new markets and media being the one market. Dubai has started becoming a business hub and trading hub. It was advanced infrastructure proactive government that has coupled trade liberalization that has attracted firms like AME to the UAE. AME has grown into business and information portal and AME has been credited with the first business directory of Dubai and UAE (Sven Boermeester). It was first published on CD-Rom and it has been published online later.

That had happened in the year 1999 and in the year 2001 it had become the first tenant of the newly established Dubai Media City and it had started expanding its offices into financial news and information, webcast video features and it started the first online radio in the region of Dubai. A significant stake of the company was acquired in the year 2005 by HSBC private equity. That was sign of confidence in the Dubai information sector and mainly of the company AME. The critical information was delivered very fast and that was the key to the success of AME. Getting the latest news before the competition was vital and that was instrumental in ensuring the success of the company.

The continuously updated news services in the web ensures that AME has been able to deliver news before appearing in the financial papers and the customers were more inclined to use the online service of AME. It is estimated that more than 285000 contact details and activity details of companies operating in UAE is in the database of AME and that database can be termed as information. 1000 regional events are listed on the calendar and vertical content topics like economic advise and investment advice are covered more and that have been covered more by experts and more over the general nature of the products are being maintained.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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