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Strategies in actionIntroductionThis paper shall outline the main strategies being used by the Apple inc. as compared to the tactics being used by Microsoft in order to be sustainable in the market to gain more customers to be successful in the competitive market. A clear difference has been seen in the strategies between Microsoft and apple. The strategies of the Apple inc. include using innovation while Microsoft believes in price-based strategies. Apple and its strategies Apple inc. is known for the troubles it had with the bog box sale staffers that had been ill informed about the importance of the products.

Thereby the standards were not being differentiated regarding the Apple inc. products by the sale staff when the large computing crowd is there. Separate sales office The main strategy used is the separate sales offices that are only for the Apple inc. products so the difference is cleared out between the Apple inc. products and the other manufacturers. The separate shops make sure that customer loyalty is increased within the large group of customers that are specifically dedicated for Apple.

The MAC and PC users are encouraged to talk around these stores, thus the new gathering that is present at the shop not only enjoys the newer innovations that are present but also older experiences. Complementing the products The second main strategy is that all the Apple’s products complement each other. The iPod is a product that can be handled and controlled with the iTunes and this is the only software that is needed in order to use the iPod. Similarly, the Mac users also have a complete software and hardware solutions that help in increasing the customer loyalty.

Complete boxes are given to the customers so they do not have to stray around. Attracting the younger generationOne of the main strategies used by Apple inc. is that the brand has been considered as a hippy brand which represents the younger generation of the worlds. The products of Apple inc. are up to date and smart. One of the main differences been noticed between MAC and PC is that MAC users are up to date and PC users are now relying on the older technology.

Lower entry cost The Apple inc. products are newer and more innovative thus these products are attractive for the customers so the Apple’s iPods and MAC users are always ready to use the newer Apple inc. products. Lower entry cost is the strategy being used by Apple inc. to sale out the products that helps in creating new customers for Apple. The first main aim of Apple inc. is to make the customers buy the products so that they buy them repeatedly as they enjoy the products.

Media frenzyAnother main strategy is to be in news constantly. Newer products and newer innovations, shops being closed down, the rates and prices as well as the opening of newer online stores have been in the news that keeps the customers in constant touch with their favorite brand. Thereby the main changes noticed are many blogs that are posted online on the daily basis so as to keep the customers up to date.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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