Essays on Strategies in Globalized Hospitality Coursework

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The paper "Strategies in Globalized Hospitality " is a perfect example of management coursework.   With the ever-changing competitive investments, the hospitality sectors need to come with measures for them to always stay ahead of their competitors. The hospitality organization has been responding to this by coming up with collaborative relations as well as partnerships with its customers. With the aim of attracting and retaining customers, the industry has turned to ethics and culture as a way of luring more customers into their businesses (Hall 2000). A great number of hotels are now incorporating some cultural aspects in their business such as having cultural designs and artworks or at times offering cultural dishes in the aim of gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors.

There exist a number of hotels in the globe that incorporates culture and ethics in their brand. These hotels tend to be performing better as compared to hotels with no cultural heritage. A good example of such a hotel in the heritage hotels and resorts. Culture has been incorporated in the business that is undergoing a great number of renovations over the years and millions of dollars have also been spent on the interior design and architectural design this has enabled them to uphold the culture as well as the true roots of the southwest.

The heritage hotel and resort is termed as being a leader in relation to culture. Over time they have been able to come up with a number of hotels that draws upon the unique blend of the southwest’ s Mexican, Native American, Spanish and American western historical influences and cultural influences. Through the interior decorations, landscaping, art, cuisine, architecture and music and entertainment, the guests are usually offered with very unique experiences (Heritage Hotels and Resorts 2014).

The hotels have been able to integrate the ancient traditions as well as the unique culture of the area while at the same time maximizing each hotels attractions and locations. They showcase the best qualities and features of the southwest and at the same time offer an entertaining venue for the customers. The hotels and resorts also maintain a consistent level in regard to service given to their guests and is a brand of choice for people seeking accommodation in the southwest. In regard to ethics, the hotel also tends to have high ethical values in regard to serving their customers.

Ethics deal with issues related to doing what is right and wrong. The staff is friendly and more willing to assist the customers in all areas they may experience difficulties (Heritage Hotels and Resorts 2014). All the guests visiting the heritage hotel and resorts are usually offered with an authentic experience. The housekeeping staffs are also friendly and this aids a lot in making the customers experience more enjoyable.

Also, the guest houses are executive, clean and strategically played to ensure that the customer has a better experience on his vacation.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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