Essays on Strategies Needed for CitySnacks Restaurants Case Study

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The paper "Strategies Needed for CitySnacks Restaurants" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. CitySnacks is a well-established business organization in the fast-food market in the United Kingdom. The fast-food market poses some opportunities which need to be exploited by the company in order to remain competitive. The opportunities in the market include consistent market growth and the presence of various types of customers in the fast-food market. However, the market also poses some threats which may reduce the competitiveness of the company if not well addressed. These threats include stiff competition and an increased rate of shifting of employees to rival organizations.

In order to exploit these opportunities and control the threats, the organization is supposed to establish three projects which will be carried out by cross-functional teams. The three projects include improvement of employees’ working conditions, designing, and development of desirable products and a project to enhance the efficiency of production and operation technology. These projects will be of great importance since they will increase the profitability of the company thus raising its profile in the market.

In order for the projects to be successful, the teams will consist of various managers and employees from various departments. However, various barriers are likely to render the projects unsuccessful if not well addressed. Some of these barriers include inadequate financial resources, resistance from staff and managers and lack of adequate time. However, these barriers will be broken by proper financial planning, the involvement of all stakeholders in project planning, financial borrowing from financial institutions, preparation of effective action plan schedule and proper communication to all stakeholders. 2.0. Introduction Business organizations usually consist of various divisions which include marketing, finance, information technology, human resource, and procurement.

Though these divisions of a business organization play different rules within an organization, their functions are interrelated thus they must work together to attain organizational goals and objectives (Kerin & Rudelius, 2003, p. 154). The marketing department is unlikely to attain its goals and objectives if it doe s not get adequate support from other business departments. This is clearly evidenced in this case of CitySnacks where the business organization is likely to experience a substantial decline in revenue collection if the opportunities are not fully utilized and threats are not fully controlled.

The competitiveness of CitySnacks is being threatened by various environmental factors that affect its operation negatively. However, various environmental factors pose opportunities that can increase the competitiveness of the organization if well utilized. As a result, CitySnacks is supposed to establish and implement effective strategies that will eliminate or minimize the effects of threats and utilize fully the opportunities presented by the business environmental factors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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