Essays on Strategies of Argos to Enter Chinese Retail Market Case Study

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The paper "Strategies of Argos to Enter Chinese Retail Market" is a good example of a case study on marketing. The Argos is an organization that provides general products for the homes through online or telephone. The retailing business is done through a catalog. According to the latest assessment it is serving over 130 million customers in a year through its stores and takes four million customer orders either online or over the phone. That is to say, it is having an average of 17 million UK households or around two-thirds of the population.

There is an Argos catalog at home at any time in most of the places in the UK. This paper basically highlights all these skills of the company and thereby is trying to give the keys that are going to or has made the company get into the Chinese market as a part of its strategical expansion. Chapter 1 is just the introduction to the Company and the description of each chapter that is included in the paper. Chapter 2 is looking at the use of the basic strategies by Argos to get into the market of China.

This chapter is also concentrating on the influences of Argos in the business world. It also checks the condition of Argos in the retailing sector. Chapter 3 is all about the marketing strategical applications adopted by Argos in getting into the markets of China. This chapter discusses the position of China in the retailing market and the business strategies of Argos in China. Through these processes, this chapter also gives a look at Argos getting into the Chinese food market.

Chapter 4 is a kind of analytical chapter. It is concentrating on the empirical analysis sector of Argos business policies over the markets of China. It is also is checking out how fruitful are the results of these empirical breakthroughs through Swot Analysis and looking at China’ s Pharmaceutical Industry through Porter’ s Five Forces Strategy. Chapter 5 is consequently the last chapter and is the conclusion to the paper. CHAPTER 2: Basic Strategies 2.1: Chapter Outline This is the chapter that is discussing the influence of Argos over the retail market of the world.

It is an attempt to check the role of the company in retail marketing. 2.2: Influences of Argos Argos has got a great influence on the retail marketing sector of the world. As it is, Argos is a great shopping online and stores. With an exclusive approach, it offers thousands of top brand products in a variety of categories. The basic distributions are clothing, footwear, accessories for men, women, and children, sportswear, exercise equipment, and home styles. It has got a home delivery system, which allows the delivery of most in-store items and also a selection of larger goods in the catalog.

All these specific items are for delivery only. This is the provision that any customer can prevail and can order the goods for home from in-store or online. This can be done through either the Argos website, telephone or text message service. These are all used to ensure the stack is available when the customer arrives in the store.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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