Essays on Strategic Challenges for Apple Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Challenges for Apple" is a perfect example of a management case study. The current business environment is increasingly becoming challenging. The challenges in the business environment can be attributed to several factors. This, therefore, presents businesses with strategic challenges that affect their performance. The strategic challenge can be positive or negative to the business. A positive strategic challenge presents a business with an opportunity to make more profits and ensure that it achieves growth and development (Edward, 2010). The negative impacts of strategic challenges can affect the growth and development of the business.

All the businesses are prone to strategic challenges due to the nature of their operations as well as the external factors. Strategic challenges have the potential of affecting the future growth of an organization. The effects may be negative and this may lead to the collapse of a business. The resultant impacts can contribute to current and future effects on the business (Edward, 2010). It is important for companies to understand the aspects related to the strategic challenges. Apple is one of the leading multinational technological companies.

It has been faced with various strategic challenges that have affected its growth and development. This has seen the company develop new strategies to counter the problem. In the paper, SWOT Analysis and PESTLE analysis have been discussed in relation to the strategic challenges facing Apple Company. The information has also been used to provide possible recommendations for the company. There are various tools that can be used by an organization to determine the strategic challenges facing it. The use of different tools provides the organization with detailed perspectives regarding the challenges that it is faced with regarding the strategies (Freeman,   Jeffrey, Andrew,   Bidhan &   Simone, 2010).

The development of strategies is usually carried out internally by the organizations. This is usually in response to the business environment and the needs of the customers. The business strategies can, therefore, be formulated by the organization to counter the challenges. The increased competitions in the market, as well as technological advancement, are some of the factors that have contributed to the strategic challenges (Edwards, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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