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The paper "Complex Perspective - New Ways of Thinking about Strategy" is a great example of management coursework.   Evolution in strategic thinking has brought about various perspectives pertaining to strategy and the manner in which organisations develop with time. The current era of globalisation is characterised by diverse and profound aspects pertaining to organisations and organisational structure with the strategy being a core aspect of business operations. The strategy does not only refer to the organisation’ s position or its possessions but also depicts an organisation in the context of what its workforce does (Jarzabkowski, Balogun and Seidl, 2007).

The strategy brings out a clear analysis of the manner in which functions in an organisation are carried out, as well as the individuals involved. In the context, managers within an organisational structure strive to create effective solutions to the uncertainties arising resulting in incompetence within the strategy of the practitioners. Strategising managers create and implement practices incorporating strategy as a core activity in the organisational structure. The emerging perspective brings about a gap between theories of strategy and the actual practices carried out within an organisation by human resources.

In context, Jarzabkowski et al. (2007) indicate that a strategy is not something that a given organisation has, but rather something that its members do. Consequently, the strategy cannot be termed as a laid down aspect, but rather depicts the manner in which various actors in an organisation conduct their practices. On the same note, it addresses the way of executing a given task, as well as the individual or human capital to be utilised. This essay critically appraises the above statement through various arguments and analysis of perspectives within the organisational context. Complex Perspective: New Ways of Thinking about Strategy The strategy incorporates interventions to bring about concepts and approaches in the process of development and change within an organisation (Hitt, Haynes, and Serpa, 2010).

Critical thinking and divergent views bring about narrowed options for analysis and logical reasoning for attractive options to be realised. Jarzabkowski, Balogun, and Seidl (2007) critically offered a new perspective on the aspect of strategy.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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