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Executive SummaryEducation is being given a first priority in the current society. Most governments are now providing free education programs to ensure that citizens acquire basic education. Navitas was started as an IBT Education but it has grown and entered the US market in 2005. Kaplan is also an education provider which started as a test preparation centre. Strategies are categorized into corporate, business and functional strategies. A good strategy should focus on a given market. Kaplan offers kindergarten programs, masters and bachelor degrees, training and licensing and English language. Navitas offers university gateway programs to students in order for them to cross over and study in Australia.

Navitas’ main objectives are offering degree programs and raising its share value. Kaplan intends to increase its incomes, offer doctorate degrees and raise additional funds. Strategy Business ManagementIntroductionAccording to Berryman (2007, p. 34), education is at present considered as a basic need for all individuals in the society. This is because; it determines the kind of life a person will lead since his or her education level is used as a qualification for available job opportunities.

The significance of education is seen where most governments are providing free education to children as part of their development strategies. The introduction of free education has led to a decline in the quality of education in public institutions and thus many people nowadays prefer private institutions to public ones. Navitas is an education provider which started as an IBT Education and entered the market of US university education in 2010 (Li & Hubbard 2010, p. 467). Kaplan is a private education company which was founded in 1938 as a test preparation centre.

At the moment, it is actually one of the biggest diversified educational firms around the globe and operates in over 30 countries (Li & Hubbard 2010, p. 470). This paper will analyse and assess Kaplan and Navitas’ current tactical approach, the fit between the firms’ strategy and their objectives and expectations. It will also provide strategic plans for both companies. Company’s current tactical approachAccording to Nayeri, Mashhadi & Mohajeri (2007, p. 231), strategies are grouped into corporate, business and functional strategies. All the strategies assist firms to develop a competitive advantage over its rivals in the marketplace.

They give directions to a company when it enters new markets. Friga & Bettis (2003, p. 240) maintains that, a good business strategy should have a focus. A firm should establish a niche market, focus on it and be in a position to cater for the needs of that market. This helps a big deal in retaining customers since a satisfied customer will always be loyal to the firm that gives him or her satisfaction. In addition, functional strategies help a firm to work towards the achievement of preset organizational goals and objectives by each function (Friga & Bettis 2003, p. 241).

Kaplan started as a simple education centre for preparing students to join colleges in the United States. It has however, grown overtime and it now offers several programs which include test preparations as well as admissions for graduate school and university curricula, English proficiency and licensing of professionals like doctors and lawyers. It also offers higher education programs ranging from certificates to master degrees along with online and distance learning. Additionally, Kaplan offers professional development, training and licensing curricula in IT, accounting, finance, real estate and insurance.

Moreover, it provides kindergarten and programs for kids aged below 12 years (Li & Hubbard, 2010, p. 470).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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