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The paper 'Strategic Business Unit Plan Analysis - Open Office. org " is a good example of a management case study. Strategic business units are sections that form part of the business strategy to achieve the organization’ s aims. An organization can have a performance unit, a product unit, a competitive advantage, stakeholders, processes, markets or resources units depending on the organization structure, the market and the aims of the organization (Williamson, Cooke & Jenkins, 2003). The strategic business unit analysis is part of strategic business management analysis. It considers who the consumers of the unit goods and services are, why the customers choose the products in that unit or why the customers are in that unit (what need is met), what the success factors are, what the performance indicators are and their trend and the resources needed to ensure the customers get what they need.

It also focuses on how the resources available can help the business unit in assisting the business to achieve its aims (Williamson, Cooke & Jenkins, 2003). The aim of a strategic business unit, therefore, is to help the company achieve its aims.

As indicated above, a business unit can be a human resource department, a marketing department or a product unit. In this paper, the marketing department of Open Office. org is considered a strategic business unit and its strategic plan will be analyzed. The analysis will consider the purpose of the strategic plan, the contents in relation to the aim of the organization and whether the plan needs improvement or not. Before the analysis of the plan, it is important to describe the role of a marketing department in an organization which will help in the analysis of the plan.

As indicated earlier, a marketing department is part of an organization that helps it achieve its aim. The organization can be divided into several different units depending on the management system and the structure of the organization. The marketing department can also have strategic business units that help the department achieve its aims. The aims of the department, in turn, help the organization in achieving its aims.   The Role of the Marketing Department   The central role of a marketing department is to communicate, create and sustain the value of an organization.

This is done by understanding the needs of the customers in order to provide, quality and satisfying products and services to the customers (Grü nig & Kü hn, 2005). In order to understand consumer needs and provide them with what they want in the products and services, a lot has to be done. Market research has to be done, a branding strategy has to be developed, and communication has to be done through a variety of channels and so many others (Obringer, 2010 & Grü nig & Kü hn, 2005). Planning is also one of the steps needed to ensure that the customers are satisfied.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is not the only aim of the marketing department. The organization may have other aims, for example, expanding to different regions apart from the current region that the organization may be operating in. In this case, the marketing department has to plan on how to market their products to the regions that the organization aims to expand (Obringer, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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