Essays on Strategy for the Business Marketing Plan Developed for Starbucks Firm Assignment

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The paper "Strategy for the Business Marketing Plan Developed for Starbucks Firm" is a worthy example of a marketing assignment. The need to develop a marketing plan is a key issue in the running of Australia based Starbucks firm. Since marketing is not a onetime project with the beginning and the end but a lifetime process where innovations are made and systems changed if they are not performing to the required standards (Moon & John, 2003). The need to develop one such a marketing plan calls for an iterative process with a well-defined review process.

This review process will help in assessing whether or not Starbucks Corporation is on track as it tries to achieve the long term objectives on a daily basis. So, the review process must be done on a frequent basis, most probably on a monthly basis. The following is the marketing review strategy for the business marketing plan developed above for Starbucks firm: 1. In the beginning, Starbucks managers are supposed to review the assumptions and the learned experiences after developing the master plan. Since all plans are based on optimism that the marketing plan will go through as intended, it is wise to review them so as to know if they are still working or not.

The managers would, therefore, look whether the pre-teen is frequently visiting the restaurant as it was on the marketing plan. If not then, they need to check on the process of implementing the plans because it can be the main reason why the whole system is not working. 2. It would be essential to review the already implemented marketing strategies at the beginning of everything else since it will make the Starbucks community have a big picture of what they want to achieve in the long run. 3.

It is also very essential to review the lessons learned on the process and since the last meeting; the learned lesson can be either negative or positive depending on the mistakes made and the feedback from the customers. If the feedbacks are good they go ahead with the plans, if any mistakes are done then they go back to where they started and make the necessary amendments. 4.

In the four review strategies, it would be necessary to make changes in marketing materials such as budgets, metrics, and marketing calendars. These will make the management know the best way to handle the children cases and the product prices to attract more customers. 5. In this phase, is important to get ready for the next iteration. This includes identifying the developments achieved so far and how they are being coordinated with the others which have failed. 6. The implementation plan is the final step the Starbucks managers need to do in the review analyses.

In this step, they go back and start marketing again. After the changes have been done it is always advisable to go back and do according to the changes. Marketing ethics is one of the fields of marketing that concentrates more on the principles of marketing. Ethics in marketing can be divided into promotion, advertisement, and pricing. Marketing ethics to children mostly revolves around the following questions;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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