Essays on Strategy N Action Case Study

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Executive SummaryDavis Service Group Plc has a good future. It has been able to build a brand. The company has achieved success in many countries. Despite, being in the service industry they have been able to grow very rapidly. They have a good chunk of market. The company has ample opportunity to diversify in European and Asian markets. The strengths of the company have been the quality. The company plans to expand. Their strategy of acquisition has worked. It has created ample opportunity. It has given them already developed market. To add to it integrating both forward and backward has contributed.

The Porter model also shows scope for success. The company with its core objective and vision projects towards more acquisitions and development by entering other countries. Key IssuesThe key issue for Davis group is to work on the same strategy. It needs to continue acquisitions. The challenges for them are from Asia. With these countries developing fast and entering new market puts Davis group under pressure. They need to work on integration. Even the company needs to look to “expand their business with customers as it will give them a wide market to access and strengthen their business”. Vision, Mission and Corporate ObjectiveThis is key information for any company.

It helps the investor and others associated or wanting to be a part of the company know about the strategy on a whole. Vision statement helps to define the long term objectives. “It highlights what the company wants to achieve and what are the long term goals”. (Irwin, 1995) The mission statement on the other hand highlights “the short term objective and also helps to define how the company will achieve its vision and what way the company intends to do it”.

(Irwin, 1995) Corporate objective on the other hand helps to find out “the ways company intend to perform so that the shareholders value and others associated with the company can benefit”. (Irwin, 1995)VisionThe vision statement for Davis Service Group Plc is “through innovation and change we strive to become a leading textile rental service company worldwide that would benefit our customers, employees and shareholders both organically and by market acquisitions” (dsgplc. co. uk).

This will ensure that we lead the market and satisfy people. MissionThe mission statement for Davis Service Group Plc is “to provide high quality linen on time which will help to build a solid reputation for quality and exceptional customer service with every customer, employee and shareholder” (dsgplc. co. uk). This mission statement will help them Davis Service Group to achieve its vision. Corporate ObjectiveDavis Service Group Plc concentrates on service. This will avoid conflicts. The company also works to align the goals. Being in the service sector it is a priority.

Ensuring innovation helps to satisfy customers. The objectives are“To align the goals of the management with the shareholders”. (Interim report, 2009) This will create a positive impact. Conflicts will reduce. Passing resolutions will be easy. Improving service quality by innovation. Using IT and logistics system will improve this. This will ensure timely delivery. Improving the quality of people by hiring, investing in plant makes improvement. Ensure a return of 7%. Work towards more acquisitions. Ensuring that growth is ensured through organic ways. Looking to deliver satisfactory performance. Ensuring that “shareholders value appreciates”. (Interim report, 2009) Work on other financial matter and make it a company investors prefer. Situational Analysis

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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