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Strategic Information SystemQuestion Onea)Potential Problems and Disadvantages of an Automatic Testing ToolThe problem with automation testing tools is that they are too complex when it comes to debugging the test scripts. This is a challenge since it will result in grave consequences in case of errors during debugging. In addition, test maintenance is costly to the organization especially during the application of play back methods. Additionally, an automatic testing tool is that it demands expertise in designing the automation test scripts (Abernethy, 1999). Moreover, another disadvantage is that if the test script tests several screens, it becomes difficult to maintain test data files. b)The Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act Cyclei)The Plan StepThis involves finding the potential opportunities in the organization and introducing viable ideas that would lead to improvement of operations.

In this step, goals and objectives are laid down that would guide the organization on how to attain the targets set. Flowcharts in evaluating the steps to be followed (Adams, 2005). In addition, designing or revising old business processes in the soft ware house is done with the aim of bringing about change. Other processes that are included in this step are brainstorming in order to maximize the potential ideas that need to be implemented, and use of evaluation matrix to evaluate the new ideas. ii)The Do, Check and Act StepThe Do step is about initiating the processes that were proposed in the plan step.

The Check step involves monitoring and evaluating the processes and results attained against the objectives that were presented. This step is normally followed by the presentation and documentation of the outcome in order to find out what the effects are.

The Act step involves the application of actions that would result in changes in the soft ware house. In other words, it includes the three Plan, Do, Check and Act steps and changing the process to bring about improvement (Webb, 1998). Question Twoa)Benefits and Disadvantages of Implementing TickIT and CMMI. CMMI gives the organization the opportunity to do away with barriers existing in various sections, which were not addressed by other models (Carlton, 2004). On the other hand, CMMI has detailed coverage of the product’s life cycle hence ensuring that processes have been improved.

Moreover, products for CMMI use various lessons learned during the maintenance and development of source models. An approval from TickIT allows the company to have an assessor with a good record in IT industry who has a solid grip about the business processes of the company (Camili, 2006). TickIT offers continuous improvement leading to improved quality and repeatability of the product. Another benefit of TickIT is that it leads to increased efficiencies in processes and reduces costs caused by system failures. The disadvantage of TickIT is that it has a limited number of assessors thus acting as a hindrance to the scheme.

This results in higher charges and longer lead times making other schemes to be preferred. a)i) Sub-characteristics of ISO 9126Interoperability is the ability if the software to have an interaction with other systems. Changeability refers to the ease of modifying the software. Stability implies that the risk of modification to the software having unexpected effects is low. Conformance relates to standards having a bearing on portability. Replaceability refers to factors giving upwards compatibility between new and old software components.

Analyzability is the ease in identifying the cause of a failure.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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