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The paper “ Stress Management in Fire and Rescue Service” is an inspiring example of the research paper on management. The study on the Stress Management in Fire and Rescue Service is significant to various stakeholders. This topic on stress management in fire and rescue service is chosen because work-related stress is becoming to be the most common health hazard in the majority of the population. When remaining unmanaged for a long time, stress affects employees' performance of the job and overall physiological and psychological wellbeing. This type of stress is often thought to be a breakdown on the part of management, hence, they, as management are expected to lay-out plans on how to keep the workforce from the psychosocial hazards in their place of work, and eventually manage and solve problems in the workplace.

This research can assist the fire authorities and fire and rescue service people to tackle stress. Implications for the Policy Makers, Agencies and StakeholdersThe study has significant implications for policymakers and stakeholders. Stress management attracts the policymakers, agencies, and stakeholders because work-related stress is worsening the past years. By communicating and involving all key stakeholder groups, the process to be formulated can be endorsed and given the appropriate resource requirement.

Timing is critical in every stress management program. Cooperation among the management and its people is critical in the achievement of the goals of any stress management program. The stress management plan has to be carefully thought of, implemented, monitored and post-evaluated. There is a need to determine the presence of stress, its degree to gauge the levels of work-related stress within the organization in order to ensure the wellbeing of the employees.

This collective reasoning may lead the organization to think of countermeasures on how to deal with work-related stress. If there is any resistance to the countermeasures, this would have resulted in the failure to secure competent results.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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