Essays on Sales Portions of Stretch 'r Wings, Inc Case Study

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The paper "Sales Portions of Stretch 'r Wings, Inc. " is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Specializing in medical interior equipment for aircraft operators, Stretch 'r Wings, is a start-up enterprise that aims at being a market leader in this sector. It intends to handle the design, and completion of this equipment with the provision of sub-contracting some element of manufacturing. Analysis of the Company’ s Sales Portions The company plans to put in place a Sales Unit that will encompass effective strategies and enable maximization of its revenue in the long run.

The Sales Unit is to be structured in a manner that will ensure the total running costs of the department are at their lowest. It intends to portion sales into an aluminum frame, built-in storage drawers, and glide ease stretcher systems. This will provide the necessary diversity in its product line for eventual profitability. Components of Sales approach The intended sales approach would entail the following: a) Competitive edge: The Company intends to employ strategies that would give it an upper-hand against its competitors. This will be mainly used in the manufacture of the aircraft, for example; it will ensure its aircrafts are lighter in weight than its competitors’ by the use of the aluminum frame.

The company will also use built-in storage devices that passengers would find user-friendly unlike their competitors do not have such devices at all. Glide Ease Stretcher Systems reduce back strain and are very comfortable to those who are ailing and will, therefore, make a big difference in the intended planes. b) Use of Efficient Sales Strategy: This will entail the recruitment of a professional sales team with vast experience in the aircraft and helicopter markets.

The sales staff will be required to aggressively market the company’ s products so as to maximize turnover and eventually profit for the company c) Use of Sales Projections/Forecasts: A projection would be done for the sales for up to a period of one year. This will be done after establishing a strong sales network, as this would make it easy to reliably and confidently do the forecasts. d) Use of Milestones and Budgets: This will entail the company’ s emphasis on the plan of how to implement the sales programs set aside to be undertaken, the dates and the responsibilities attached to each milestone as well as a budget for each. Ineffectiveness in the Marketing Plan The company’ s marketing plan is not fully effective; this is because it has not employed an aggressive promotional strategy that would outdo its competitors.

Since it is a new company, it should advertise its services in the local and international media so that people can gain knowledge of its products. Besides, free air services should be provided at least for a day so that be turned into ambassadors of the company’ s products.

On the other hand, if they get negative feedback on the services of this equipment, then this will help them formulate strategies to make up for the deficiencies experienced by clients during the free pilot services offered. Other promotional strategies that could be used include leaflets, billboards, and yellow pages. This form of media would be used especially if the company would not meet the high initial costs of advertising, for example in the local and international media. The company should also consider the “ Place” or location of the business as one of its marketing strategies.

The business must have a location that it can afford, and that is convenient and suitable for both customers and suppliers. Inadequate Detail in the Business Plan The business plan is deficient in its contents as it lacks much information on how the company is to achieve its sales strategy. Some of the details not disclosed above are the promotional strategy and intended location of the business. Additions and Changes to the Sales Plan for Effectiveness The plan should be more elaborate as to include factors like a proper time frame to implement the plan in its entirety.

Budgets and milestones should be more detailed and easy to comprehend. Also necessary are the assumptions underlying the sales forecast that should be clearly stated (Dickson, p 23).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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