Essays on Structural and human resource frames analysis of the case, Diversity Programs at the New England Aquarium Case Study

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MEMORANDUM reason:   Introduction The New England Aquarium has experienced an uphill task trying to diversify its tourists, staff andhelpers. The uphill tasks consist of matters that border the structural frame and that also surround the aquarium’s objectives and mission. These challenges have also touched the organizational structure and harmonization. The associations and equilibrium between the requirements of the organization and the wishes of the individuals involved with the aquarium will be looked at by applying the human resource frame. Structural Frame The chief and most prominent operational matter of management in an association is the visions that were put down by the aquarium.

The paramount mission of the aquarium had been vaguely stipulated in the mission statement. Since the aquarium sought to appeal to an assorted variety of people into the aquarium, they decided to revise their mission statement to say a “responsive community resource to attract the broadest possible audience”, and a “culturally diverse staff. ” Inside the conventions of the structural frame, there consisted a variety of projects to attain the aims of the aquarium, but they all seemed to fall short of attracting the diverse staff and visitors to the aquarium.

Failure to attain these goals, as stipulated in the structural frame, can accelerate the problems being experienced within the association. Another matter to do with management, in the structural frame, are the structural pressures at the aquarium. Integration and differentiation are the key design matters that are fundamental in the organization’s structure. In order to improve the structural frame I recommend executing employee assistance programs. Another recommendation would be application of structured programs that exploit technical, administrative, and professional human services.

Finally I would recommend the establishment a designed program on either a predetermined or occupational basis, to meet the wishes of troubled employers Human Resource Frame The human resource frame consists of many management matters at the aquarium. Firstly is the connection there is between the management of the Aquarium and the fresh arriving students. Looking at the Human resource frame we will begin by analyzing the corporation’s interns. Interns were not commendably using the time allocated to them appropriately. It was until their everyday jobs were reorganized that the interns begin to take their time more seriously, and begin to show some growth in the organization.

Another matter that had problems was the discovery of appropriate and fit positions to be allocated to the diversity program students. This was as a result of lack of appropriate planning or particular projects formed for the former students. The next year saw work specialization turning into an uphill task due to the fact that there was an amplified growth in the sum of arriving students. Brandon therefore formulated a plan to specialize the fresh arriving students jobs. This also encompassed the creation of particular jobs with objectives.

These jobs included: education deputies and Teen Envoys. Another management matter that was being looked into in the corporation was the organization of the aquariums structure. For the Human Resource Frame I recommend specialization of jobs and positions for the new interns in order to create more jobs. I would also recommend the reduction of the fresh interns and fresh graduates they take in in a given period. Finally it would be best if the New England Aquarium restructures its Human Resource department to be able to work more efficiently.

This would contribute to the human resource frame in the organization Conclusion The New England aquariums structural frame and the Human Resource Frame in an organizational structure are important to include the needs of every individual in the organization to ensure that the goals and objectives of an organization are met. Reference  "New England Aquarium". city-data. com. City Data. com. Retrieved 9 April 2011.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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