Essays on The World of Corporate Managers, Work at Disneyland Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "The World of Corporate Managers, Work at Disneyland" is a perfect example of a management annotated bibliography.   The author (Jackall) tries to understand the role of the modern-day corporate manager in the day to day operations of an organization. He does this by analyzing the social concept and o its impact on the corporate manager. According to him, the social environment upon which a manager is exposed to greatly affects the output of the manager. This is to say that should a manager be placed in a conducive social environment then his performance is likely to score higher than that of a manager who is exposed to the less conducive social environment.

As a result, such managers tend to be more bureaucratic as compared to their counterparts. According to Jackall, corporate managers are tasked with guiding and most challenging obligations in any given organization. This is accredited to the fact that everyone outside the organization looks up to the manager in determining the success of an organization. As a result, this could put a lot of pressure on the managers to ensure the objectives of the organization are met.

However, unknown to the outside, the work of the manager is devolved as one goes down the chain of command. This is to say that most of the work is shouldered by the low ranking individuals in any given organization. This can be attributed to the fact that low ranking individuals have the expertise to perform specific functions as compared to the corporate manager. The author, as a result, notices that the organization is more or less dependent on what the corporate manager wants.

This is to say that heavier the manager discredits then none of the individuals below him can alter. Jackall also notices that organizations are social places, whereby individuals from different background congregate together. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary for a corporate manager to align themselves with certain social norms. However, there are other instances where they do not align themselves with social norms but rather assess their strengths and weaknesses in an effort to survive in the organization. As a result, corporate managers tend to have a different personality while in an organization.

This is attributed to the need always to present themselves as the organization. Additionally, the interaction between corporate managers also has an impact on the modern-day corporate manager. This I because corporate managers learn from other each on how to present themselves and also how to interact with the lower ran member of the organization. As a result, of these factors, corporate managers tend to distance ethics from practicality. This is to say that they are not necessarily concerned whether an action is ethical but rather whether it is practical.

Therefore, if an action I practical then that is what the corporate manager confines to and expect every other employee of the organization to confine to it. In conclusion, the social surrounding of any given manager plays an integral part in shaping his/her career. Therefore, a manager is more or less what the social environment exposes him to.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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