Essays on Reasons for Electing a Masters Degree in Hospitality Management Admission/Application Essay

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The paper “ Reasons for Electing a Master’ s Degree in Hospitality Management” is an affecting example of an application essay on management. The reason behind choosing a Master’ s degree in Hospitality Management is because of this high reputation of the institution. My interest in the course came about following the exposure in sales. Apart from that, I had led many materials on hospitality management. My interest was further reinforced by my work during the summer intern where I gained the skills in sales. Studying the Hospitality Management’ s master’ s degree at Les Roches in Switzerland is an essential course because it offers professional opportunity to ensure the acceleration of managerial as well as an entrepreneurial career in the field of hospitality and this is achieved through building strategic and practical expertise.

Through academic study as well as continual assessment, students gain the capacity to discover their style of leadership in the real-world and practical assignments. The course also ensures that the student is developing leadership skills and insights in organizational change and strategic management, problem-solving, communication, innovation, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and creativity.

Through the course, the students gain the capacity to comprehend, develop, as well as enhance the success of the team, ensuring the forward movement of the business in the globalized economy. The learning processes, as well as tools, help in optimizing the skills’ development that allows an individual to explore challenges in leadership in the changing global environment of business (Roches Global Hospitality Education 2016, p. 1). Switzerland is strategically located in Europe’ s heart offering the best multilingual population’ s cultural heritage as well as the finest landscape in the globe. The country is safe as well as friendly.

Switzerland is an easy place where the student can not only study but also identify himself/herself with the people as well as the culture. Centrally located in Europe, the country offers the best opportunity for studying hospitality because of the conditions it presents. Studying in Switzerland ensures that one is enjoying the country’ s safe environment as well as its exceptional cultural diversity and natural beauty. Apart from that, the country is modern and also characterized by high standards of living. The country has among the best tourism and transport infrastructure in the globe and this enhances its accessibility.

The major cities in Switzerland are situated within one hour to three hours by car or train. Its central location within Europe provides one with a chance to visit as well as experience other cities across Europe including London, Milan, and Paris. In addition, the political condition of Switzerland is stable providing a secure future for the student. The reputation of the country in terms of multicultural understanding, safety, as well as stability has attracted the presence of many global organizations including the International Red Cross Society, foreign corporations, World Economic Forum, as well as the United Nations.

Consequently, the country has a rich history of hospitality that dates back more than 100 years back when the building of the first-ever palace-styled hotels took place. The hotel industry has since then grows to make the country to be reputable hospitability hub. To achieve this, the country embarked on systemizing the hotel operations’ systems.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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