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OF LIFE of Life An inherent value by virtue of life presents the equality for both animals and human beings. Therefore, Tom Regan opposes people’s approaches and the nature of handling animals. Instead, he suggests that people should minimize suffering and strengthen pleasure while treating all living organisms regardless of the associated consequences (Regan, 1985, pp. 1). The respect entails adoption of views such as non-utilitarianism. The overall theme involves experiencing the subject of a life. Experiencing subject of a lifeExperiencing the subject of a life refers to the state whereby a being is more than just a receptacle.

The state respects the demands of a conscious creature. The concept illustrates that every organism with an inherent value is equal in all aspects. Therefore, the creatures have a substantial welfare, expectations, and recall events (Regan, 1985, pp. 5). Experiencing life demonstrates in frustrations or satisfactions based on events and treatments that beings receive. In turn, it drives differences in the experienced quality of lives. Thus, every living creature deserves a fair and same treatment. Subject of a life and equal inherent valueHolders of life possess equal natural rights.

The concept justifies equality in handling of all beings with life including animals. The decision is beyond human debate because inherent values and life do not depend on religion, sex, skills, or intelligence (Regan, 1985, pp. 6). Furthermore, every form of life deserves respect from a moral perspective of the intrinsic values and their specific roles in promoting sustainability. In this regards, violating the rights of the less privileged is a gross misconduct. Animals and rights to freedom and lifeIn the same spirit, animals are living creatures with unusual obligations.

The animals also deserve the right to proper treatment and respect. Hence, the concept justifies that even though animals cannot consent, human beings should abolish the misuse of animals in research, science, and agriculture. Animals have the right to freedom and safe habitats. ReferencesRegan, T. (1985). The Case for Animal Rights. In P. Singer, In Defense of Animals (pp. 13-26). New York: Basil Blackwell,

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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