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The paper "Wellbeing Community Sports Club Project Management Plan" is a good example of a management case study.   The project has the goal of transforming the Wellbeing community sports club’ s open space in Carton to a community health and fitness club by building a Gymnasium and a football games track in the space and providing the necessary equipment and amenities. Project Location: Carton center, Cardiff lane, Nottingham, BD 854DD Project need: Providing the sports and fitness hub will make the youth in the area active and hence stop them from being idle.

This is because the rise in the number of unemployed youths in the area who are idle has resulted in the rising incidences of crime in the area (Jameson, 2011). It is to be noted that the hub will lead to job creation for a lot of youths in that 20 youths will be employed directly in the day to day management of the hub. In addition, professional clubs are expected to be born out of the hub which will add to the number of jobs created. Project description: The health and fitness club will be equipped to suit all kinds of youths wanting to sharpen their skills in different areas thus helping them become professional in their areas.

The football track is expected to be 1000 meters long with all football-related facilities including changing rooms. It will also have a gym with all the gym facilities. There will also be a fully equipped community theatre where people will pay and charge a fee to showcase their talents. Project budget: The sponsors have come up with a budget of $100,000 for the project. Success criteria: The project’ s success criteria will be based on the various facilities being opened to the public on 1st June 2017 as planned having met all the quality standards set by the standards agency as well as the sports ministry (Harold, 2004). Project sponsor: Wellbeing community sports club in conjunction with Nottingham council Project Manager: Benjamin Wright Project team: Jared Bremen – Project Accountant Rebecca brown – Project architect Lucy White – Project Engineer and construction supervisor Bryan Clint - Risk manager Project Scope Business Need Data from the police department has placed crime and other antisocial behavior at 55% of all cases reported in Nottingham in 2014 which is a significant rise compared with other years.

According to Johansen (2011), the rise in crime is to be associated with increasing idleness among the youth as well as lack of jobs. It has also been noted that many youths are increasingly shunning formal jobs in favor of jobs that would guarantee them more freedom. It is therefore hoped that the sports and fitness hub will provide the youths with an opportunity to be active while sharpening their various skills so that they can get self-employed in sports and arts while remaining fit.

In addition to encouraging healthy lifestyles, fitness and self- employment, the project are expected to significantly contribute to a great reduction in youth crime by ensuring they remain active. 1.2 Opportunity statement The carton center land in which the project will be located was donated to wellbeing community sports club by Nottingham council twenty years ago although it has remained undeveloped mainly due to lack of funds (Ipma. world, 2013). As such, the land measuring around 50,000m2 is mainly a bush composed of trees and bushes.

In 2014, we presented a proposal to the council in our bid to help it tackle increasing crime and after intensified lobbying, the council agreed to fund up to 80% of the project. We see the project as an opportunity for tackling crime in the area while contributing to the Wellbeing community sports club income through the various fees to be charged for use of the facilities.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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