Essays on Alternatives for Google in its Expansion to China Market Case Study

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The paper "Alternatives for Google in its Expansion to China Market" is a good example of a marketing case study.   During the last five decades, many international trade barriers fell and numerous firms began their pursuit of global strategies to ensure that they attain a competitive advantage. This is evident as numerous companies with their origin in Asia and Europe have branches In North America that have attained success and they include Samsung, Sony, Volkswagen, and Reebok. Apart from that, numerous clients are purchasing products through online means despite the fact that these companies may not exist in their home countries (International Business Publications 2015, p.

15). Despite this, a number of industries have benefited while others have failed. An international strategy is a term commonly used to mean that internationally distributed subsidiaries act in an independent manner and the other companies do not coordinate their activities. Companies contemplating extending internationally must make a decision of ensuring that their businesses are firmly established in the domestic market. International businesses and global trade present various opportunities for the firm but this can be achieved with adequate preparation towards entry into the foreign market.

Internationalization of the business involves bringing about changes in the strategies of the business and this includes the manner by which the business carries out its marketability as well as interacts with the consumers. If the demand for the service or the product is high in non-English speaking countries for instance in China as well as in other emerging markets, it is important to make various changes that will help in ensuring the acceptability of the products in an area where there exist various cultural, legal, political, and language differences (Jones, Coelen, Beelen, & Wit 2016, p.

23). The process of internalizing a business faces numerous challenges owing to the various potential differences in the political, economic, and cultural environment, as well as the regulation between the domestic as well as the foreign markets that the company targets. When the process is carried out in a proper manner, ensuring the internalization of the business attracts numerous benefits such as increased sales and new opportunities. Alternatives for Google in its Expansion to China Market It is important for the company to comprehend the Chinese market.

Before entering the market, it would have been prudent for the company’ s management to visit China, have a meeting with potential clients and businesses, as well as familiarize themselves with culture as well as the language. Apart from that, it is important for the company to carry out extensive research to ensure that it has found the product’ s best market. Apart from that, it is important for Google to identify the prevailing regulations, business requirements, as well as culture of the marker, and in this case the Chinese market.

Conducting such research will assist in ensuring the minimization of the probable risk as well as help in saving time, energy, and money (Kleinert 2014, p. 25). There exist two main types of research for this and they include the following: Secondary research on the market: this involves the gathering of the information mainly from public resources such as newspapers, books, studies, and market reports, as well as the internet.



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