Essays on How Teaching Communication Is Important for Academics Essay

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The paper "How Teaching Communication Is Important for Academics" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. Effective communication between two and more individuals is essential as it can help the sender and receiver to understand the messages clearly. There are several important elements that ensure the effectiveness of communication. The communication process can be seen as verbal or non-verbal. Teachers and students should communicate with each other effectively in the academic field in order to enhance the education process. This report will determine how teaching communication is important for academics.   Methodological Review Appropriate and effective research work is required in order to get the basic principles of positive incidents.

There are several types of research methods, such as qualitative and quantitative. The article is based on qualitative research methodology as well as on several specific characteristics of this research. Qualitative research methodology can be implemented in a study based on its exploratory nature. Qualitative research generally focuses on in-depth emotional elements and feelings of an individual (Silverman, 2010). In addition to this, qualitative research used to focus on describing the process of defining and measuring variables.

Qualitative research generally uses various types of subjective data. In addition to this, it extracts the meaning from these subjective data sets. The article has discussed several types and elements of the communication process. In addition to this, the article subjectively portrayed how effective communication skills can help a student to grow in its personal and professional career. The article followed critical social research approaches in order to understand how people communicate with each other, what communication type they follow and how much it is important for the students to have effective communication skills.

This critical social research approach comes under a qualitative research methodology. Looking into these factors, it can be stated that the article is qualitative in its nature. Integrative Review There are several types of communication, such as oral communication, written communication, and interpersonal communication. It is very much important for the students to have significant communication skills. It is true that effective communication skills can help the students to enter successfully in their future careers. In addition to this, it can help to develop the emotional intelligence of students which can help them to minimize the level of difficulties.

The teachers should try to make the students understand that communication is important for their future careers. Therefore, the teachers should groom their students in a required manner. It is the responsibility of both teachers and students. However, only communication is not important. The student also should have the ability to observe and listen to others. This particular process can help the students to provide an effective solution to several problems.

In the case of speech presentation, managerial proposal or business deal, the students need to be flexible and should get ready to accept unexpected messages from another end. This flexibility can help them to make an effective decision. In addition to this, the teachers should help the students to have the practice of several interpersonal communication activities, such as body language, gesture, facial expression, and posture. These practices will help the students to build a strong image and personality among the colleagues and subordinates.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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