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The paper "TV by Mary Pipher" is an outstanding example of an article on social science. In "TV, " Mary Pipher clams that TV negatively influences the development of the medium community. The author is wary of the verity that TV has replaced the human relations that were in existence previously (Pipher 358).   With the streets arguably getting insecure by the day, a lot of individuals have resulted in staying indoors and watch TV instead. Children no longer enjoy the playtime that they used to before as they have resulted in watching TV.

It is evident that TV has slowly replaced the ‘ persons’ with ‘ personas’ as Pipher indicates (358).                       Families have been affected as well. The author gives a good example of people who no longer visit their neighbors to check on their progress (Pipher 357). Visiting time has slowly been taken up by the TV. Worse still, the author is more concerned resulting from the reality that TV is on even during family special and private moments such as mealtime (Pipher 357).                       Adults are no exception. They have been indicated to stay for long hours listening to speeches and watching violence linked movies (Pipher 358).

Arguably, this influence of the TV escalates the chances that TV might lead to violence in adults watching TV regularly.                       Conclusively, it is evident that TV has changed the societal structures and the way systems were run previously. The TV has destroyed family links, human relations, and attitudes towards life. With this in perspective, it is recommended that individuals minimize the amount of time they dedicate to TV and focus on mending their relations.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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