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The paper "A Model of Christian Charity by Governor Winthrop" is a delightful example of an article on politics. The treatise “ A Model of Christian Charity” by Governor Winthrop seeks to inform Christians on how to care for one another in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. He takes much care in explaining the foundation of Christian giving before he tackles the questions that invariably arise when discussing matters of spirituality and wealth. Governor Winthrop makes it clear that there are several good reasons for giving on one’ s substance with a cheerful heart.

One reason to give to others is to follow the example of Jesus. Winthrop explains that Jesus gave all for humanity and as a result, sharing of wealth is necessary for us to understand that sacrifice. Love must be the motivating factor in Christian charity according to Governor Winthrop. Once a Christian understands how giving is linked to understanding Jesus, Winthrop says that giving will not appear to be such a burden. Many questions about Christian giving have been asked over the years by those with the wealth to give.

Governor Winthrop suggests that God made both the rich and poor so that we could have the opportunity to give if we are wealthy and to receive with gratitude if we are poor. This way, we show one another that we truly are trying to be like Jesus. But how much should a person give, and to whom? Shouldn’ t we be cautious with our giving? What if our giving puts our family at a disadvantage? Governor Winthrop suggests that giving under normal circumstances allows the wealthy to keep fine houses and put aside inheritances for their children.

But under unusual circumstances, the Christian may be asked to sacrifice home, wealthy and all security for the good of the community. Many references to individuals in the Bible are made by Governor Winthrop to prove his point. The treatise ends by suggesting that if those in a position to give do not do so; they may bring the displeasure of God down upon themselves and the entire community.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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