Essays on US to Soften Guidelines for Drug Sentences by Sanchez Article

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The paper "US to Soften Guidelines for Drug Sentences by Sanchez" is an outstanding example of an article on social science. This paper will summarize and analyze the given articles. The paper will identify the theme and the relationship between articles. Furthermore, the paper will include a response to the subject as well. SummaryAccording to the news article, it has been told that the unsustainable growth of the prisons in the United States has forced the US attorney general to soften the strict obligatory sentencing relating drug offense. It has been noted that it costs around $80Billion every year to the US government to look after the overcrowded prisons.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that the country has the highest number of prisoners. Compared to China, the US has a six times greater rate of incarceration. The attorney waived crime charges on non-violent drug offenses. These reforms are also supported by President Obama as well (Sanchez, 2013). ResponseThe theme of one article is banking and economy while the other one revolves around the prisons and economy of the United States.

In both articles, it has been noticed that there is a relationship between the subject and economy of the country (Sanchez, 2013). Both articles had illustrated that because of banking and increased number of prisoners the US economy had has suffered a lot. However, the article by Associated Press on Citigroup highlights the reason for the economic crisis while the article by Raf Sanchez on US drug sentencing has highlighted that the previous sentencing practices were affecting young African Americans. According to my opinion, both the authors have correctly brought light on these issues and have provided the reasons behind them.

However, compared to the US, China is not facing such issues.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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