Essays on Challenges of Sunflower Incorporated Case Study

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The paper "Challenges of Sunflower Incorporated " is a perfect example of a business case study. Sunflower incorporated is a company that is a distributor of snack foods and liquor. The distributor distributes the liquor and snacks directly to retailers all over the US and Canada. The examples of products that the company distributes include potato chips and peanuts. Early before, the company used to perform well in the market regardless of the competition that existed but in recent years the sunflower incorporated has not been performing well in the market due to stiff competition in the distribution industry (Thomas & Christopher 2009).

This forced the president of the company to create a new position and selected Agnes Albanese to head the position. Her function was to design and implement strategies that will enable the company to be effective in the distribution of snack foods and liquor so as to compete with other distributors of the same industry. Among the strategies, she was likely to consider including the pricing strategy and monitoring and administration of the purchasing function. This paper aims to assess the viability of the changes that aim to improve the performance of the organization as well as the steps to consider while incorporating change.

However, the management change that was proposed by Agnes did not succeed because she did not consider some issues in the process of implementing the plan for change. Her change was to consider issues like the quality of their services and products and the ways she can improve the revenues from the company through purchasing and pricing functions through gaining competitive advantage. In her first days in the office, Agnes Albanese found out that change was needed in the organization so that the performance of the organization can be improved.

The biggest was how to start and from what the change towards what direction. This was her heavy task because failure to plan well she will end up not succeeding in change because the strategies she will choose will determine the implementation of the change. Managing change would start with a diagnosis of the issues that affect the performance of the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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