Essays on Supply Chain Business - Australian Manufacturing Sector Play Assignment

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The paper "Supply Chain Business - Australian Manufacturing Sector Play " is a great example of a business assignment. The Australian manufacturing sector plays a key role in the country’ s general manufacturing industry Supply Chain. Its role is primarily to supply chain design, tooling, unconventional manufacturing technology and equipment to home consumers and overseas significant customer, for instance, the automotive, appliance, and mining (Productivity Commission 45). The nation is thriving on a network of over four hundred and eighty biotechnology business. Among these, fifty per cent are involved in therapeutics, 15 per cent in agricultural biotechnology and the remaining 12 per cent are specialised in diagnostics.

On the other hand, the Australian population reserves a creative skilled workforce that drives their industrialisation and economic actives. The expertise of the country that has won its popularity in arts, films, and TV have been outstanding. The Government of Australia legislation and policy are geared to boost the degree of investment in the country through; Taxation, Environmental regulation, Infrastructure, International financial markets, Competition, and Consumer laws. Process design, in this paper, includes selecting the appropriate technology, sizing the process over time, determining the role of inventory in the process, and locating the process.

An essential competitive advantage of any company will be its ability to offer its customers an after-sale service following the purchase of any of its products. This calls for the availability of spare parts, improvement of earlier products sold, packaging, and technical services to see to it that the product work effectively. This paper looks at Australia investment attractiveness with regard to supplying chain management and gives practical examples of the potential of Australia being an investment market.

Further, practical information regarding the foreign investor's services with respect to cost, Delivery reliability (Deliver it When Promised), Delivery Speed (make the product or Deliver the service quickly), Coping with Changes in Demand(Change Its Volume), Flexibility, and new-Product introduction Speed to Chang a product which is the competitive perspectives.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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