Essays on The Efficiency of the Supply Chain Coursework

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Generally, the paper "The Efficiency of the Supply Chain" is a great example of management coursework. Toys “ R” Us has been able to keep its operational standards in which all its stores and office departments work according to common rules and regulations. The stores are categorized into departments. Analyzing a Toy “ R” Us store in New York, departments inside include; customer care department, toy department, clothes sales, front office, parcel pick-up department and games department. These sections work in collaboration with each other for efficient service delivery. The customer care department acts as the gate to all other departments.

The toy department has to rely on customer care for customer guidance. For effective sales to be accounted for in the store, all departments have to give customer information to each other and assist in marketing. The marketing is done in collaboration by all these departments through effective communication (Cousin, Lawson & Squire 2006). Store interaction with head office Three head office departments that were looked at are; Finance department, Human resource department and Procurement department (Toys” R” Us 2013). In the company’ s store, the first department a customer meets is the customer care department.

This welcomes the customer to store by giving guidance into several places. This department keeps in close contact with all sections of the sales department to know what is in the store for sale. Through the advice shared between the two departments, the materials that are bought by the purchasing department are determined (Gilmour, 1999). All departments have to interact with the procurement department for the purchase of their materials. The department approves all the expenditure in the department hence there is constant communication.

The finance department takes care of the products raw materials cost. The toys department, games, front office and parcel pick-up departments have to give feedback to the finance department regarding the profitability of the product. This helps in improving and eliminating flaws in the final products. From this, all departments are related through communication. The final communication is to the production department which manages production. The information may lead to the company increasing the output or decreasing according to sales demands (Schroeder & Roger, 2000). The production may also change the product as directed by the quality control department.

The store's departments keep in close interaction with head office departments in all their operations. This interaction leads to quality products which have been brought by outputs from all departments (Kaplan, Robert and David 2000). The competitive priorities that the company is trying to achieve Cost Toys “ R” US has several competitive priorities that the company has tried to achieve. Cost is one of the competitive priorities set. Toys “ R” Us has tried to achieve a low cost compared to its competitors.

Efforts to achieve this have been centered on investing in low wage countries where the company has achieved low production costs. These countries include China and Malaysia which also offers low production costs. The low-cost initiative has also been facilitated by having a large shelf space. Space helps the company to have good bargaining power hence low prices. Though this has adverse effects such as reduced profits, the company has embarked on measures to make sure they remain at profit margin (Lambert, Douglas and Martha, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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