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Essays on Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have No Future by Pagell and Shevchenko Article

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The paper "Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have No Future by Pagell and Shevchenko" is an outstanding example of a management article. This paper critically analyses the article by Pagell, M., & Shevchenko, A. 2014, “ Why research in sustainable supply chain management should have no future” . The author’ s main argument is that though sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) progressed from being a fringe topic to become mainstream increasing the odds of the sustainable supply chain (SCM), the question of how to come up with sustainable supply chains is still unanswered.

The author argues that this question can only be answered if researchers start treating the SSCM together with SCM. The author uses the term SSCM to address all the research that addresses both the economic and non-economic effects of the supply chain. The author notes that sustainability is a core necessity for survival. They assert that most of the supply chains today have low chances of success unless they take practices and business models which can help them in addressing the negative impacts they have on society and the environment.

This critical review will look at the authors’ argument and determine its validity. Summary According to the authors, if the research aims at coming up with a sustainable supply chain, the separation that exists between SSCM and SCM must be eliminated. Future research should be designed in a way that they value special and environmental performance more or equal to economic performance. All the SCM research should be involved in SSCM research. The main aim is to come up with a field that is able to manage sustainable supply chains rather than looking at managing unsustainable supply chains.

The current knowledge is based on known practices for sustainability than looking for new practices. The authors’ notes five points that future research needs to look at in order to carry out the proposed changes. The five issues are; unknown issues about SSCM, a limited stakeholder’ s view, a focus on the familiar, disadvantages of empiricism and measuring supply chain impacts.



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