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The paper "Supply Chain Management Strategy: Riordan Manufacturing" is a brilliant example of a term paper on management.   In a foreign market, organizations put in place strategies aimed at securing a market place and market position that would be efficient to enable the organization to achieve its objectives. Supply Chain Management strategies in foreign markets are aimed at securing business relationships in the new market. In addition, the supply chain is more effective if an organization understands the requirements in a new market such as consumer appraisal techniques (Fawcett, Ellram & Ogden, 2007).

In an instance where an organization has new employees, an organization should train and equip them with the success requirements of a new market. Riordan ManufacturingRiordan Manufacturing is a plastics manufacturing company with headquarters in San Jose. The company is owned by the Riordan Manufacturing Industries. The company is a worldwide company as it supplies its products to organizations across the globe. Recently, Riordan has ventured into China. This paper will analyze the supply chain strategy applied by new hires in the Riordan Manufacturing Company in China. In addition, the paper will recommend a way in which the new hires can make the supply chain more effective. Supply chain management theoryIn China, the organization has a great market base.

For this reason, the organization has an objective of maintaining the loyalty of its consumers and expanding its market base. Through its supply chain, the organization seeks to create a framework that would enable the organization to access quality resources and supply quality products to its customers. The theory embraces practices that seek to emulate the success recorded in other branches of the organization across the globe.

For this reason, the China branch has borrowed realty from the strategies developed in San Jose. However, the strategies are implemented with respect to the provisions in the Asian market.               Competitive strategyIn China, competition in the plastic is limited as many organization in the industry focus on small scale production of plastics. For this reason, the organization is set to face little competition. However, the new hires in the organization should be enlightened on ways to increase market connectivity. For instance, an organization may increase its production efficiency.

This can be done by decreasing production time and increasing the quality and quantity of products to the market (Fawcett, Ellram & Ogden, 2007). This is only possible by educating new hires on ways to put in place an exceptional production process. This would enable the organization to achieve a greater competitive advantage. Customer fulfillment strategyIn an argument by Fawcett, Ellram & Ogden (2007) customer satisfaction can be easily achieved by putting into consideration consumer requirements during production and supply. In this particular organization, consumer requirements that need consideration are the quality of products, price of the products, accessibility of the products and timely delivery of products.

In relation to new hires, they need to be exposed to these requirements to make it easier for the organization to fulfill customer expectations.   In addition, the organization uses incentives to enable to appease their customers. Process thinkingThe process of Supply Chain is developed in its headquarters in San Jose. The process is then educated to new hires in China. This is done to ensure the organization achieves its market objectives. However, the China market presents a market that requires new strategies for market survival.

For this reason, the decision process in San Jose is done with great consideration of the challenges in the Asian market. Additionally, new management in China is provided with the mandate of developing strategies that would enable the success of the organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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