Essays on Supporting The Constitution Or Playing The Political Game Coursework

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Topic: Supporting the Constitution or Playing the Political Game Voter ID laws in Texas The Attorney General Erick Holder was justified to challenge the new voting laws in Taxes. This is due to the nature of the laws as they are considered as a violating of the federal Voting Rights Act which advocates for equality in the voting process in State and national elections (New Fox, 2013). The voter ID laws were aimed at suppressing the minority voters’ turnout thus going against the Voting Rights Act. A.G Erick Holder argues that the ID laws imposed by the State of taxes may raise racial discrimination issues in the voting process (New Fox, 2013).

This is due to the fact that approximately 600,000 Hispanic and blacks in Taxes lack eligible Identification Cards to vote (Weissert & Richmond, 2014). The Voter ID laws came at a time which would hinder this minority population from casting out votes in the general and state election which is regarded as a violation of the federal Voting Rights Act. The new laws would result to a lot of complication in the impending election as it would deprive approximately 13.6 million people from casting out their votes (Weissert & Richmond, 2014).

It would also raise racial concerns as it creates impermissible as well as discriminatory effects on the minority population which is made up of the African-American and Hispanic communities. It would also constitute to an unconstitutional poll tax which raises the election budget. The Attorney General was right to challenge the Voter Identification laws in Taxes as it was enacted without consultations from the federal Supreme Court or the DOJ court.

As a result, the federal court has the right to disallow the implementation of the laws if they violet federal laws. ReferencesNew Fox. (2013). Holder takes on Texas over voting laws after court ruling: Published July 25, 2013. Retrieved from http: //www. foxnews. com/politics/2013/07/25/ag-opens-new-front-on-voting-rights-protection/Weissert W & Richmond T. (2014). The State: Courts block voter ID laws in Texas, Wisconsin: Published: October 10, 2014. Retrieved from: http: //www. thestate. com/2014/10/10/3735909/courts-block-voter-id-laws-in. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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