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The paper 'The IT Help Desk' is a great example of a Management Essay. Management of human resources is one of the most important functions in an organization. Human resources is largely a vital resource in an enterprise and its management is very crucial. Effective staff management entails leadership, staff motivation, training, development, and goal setting for the organization's staff. In addition, management involves offering supportive services to enable staff to carry out their everyday jobs successfully and efficiently. Staff management is crucial for the success of any business in the modern world.

Staff recruitment is a process that management should give special attention to. The management should ensure that recruitment is based on merit and competence. Staff training enables an organization to attain business profitability and competitiveness. Training staff and keeping them updated on new inventions and developments is the solution to the success of every organization. Close staff management also entails providing help services to the employees of the organization. Among the supportive services are help desk services that attend to the inquiries of employees in the organization (Blojdijk, 2008, p. 81). The IT section is a very crucial section of a company, hence staffs need close management.

The department allows the effective flow of communication, processing, acquisition, and storage of information in a company. Management of these staff ensures that the organization's communication channel remains open. Introduction Recruitment can be defined as the procedure of selecting, employing, and retaining employees in companies. Recruitment of qualified IT staff is crucial in the department if the operations are to run smoothly. In this paper, we analyze different techniques that organizations can use to recruit IT, staff.

In addition, we discuss the various training and development processes necessary to improve the performance of the IT staff. The role of the helpdesk for the IT staff is discussed in detail. Moreover, recent trends in recruitment, training, and development of the IT staff and helpdesks are highlighted. This paper explores how best to manage the IT, staff. Literature review The success of an organization can depend on the competence levels of the employees in the company. Good staffs have the ability to develop a company while poor staffs have the ability to make a company lose customers and business.

IT department requires people not with just technical expertise but also interpersonal expertise as indicated by Deakin, et-al (2008, p. 65). The organization needs to know whether to recruit on a permanent basis on a full time or part-time basis or on a temporary basis. The basis of employment is determined by the duration of the project. If the IT project is to be permanent, then the company should employ permanent staff, however, if the IT project is for a short period of time, it would only be sensible for the organization to employ temporary staff, whose term will end when the project comes to an end. Thousands of companies are employing information technology specialists to work in the IT section of the organizations.

Companies may employ the services of IT service consultants to offer IT services. This happens when using the services of the consultant is cheaper than establishing an IT department. In this case, the company benefits from these services because it gets rid of the learning curve effects of training new employees.

The consultants are already experienced in their areas of specializations, and the company benefits from such. According to Info-Tech employment (2008), it makes economic sense for companies to hire the services of a consultant when the IT project has a short life span.


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