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Student DeclarationI certify that this assignment is my own work, based on my personal study and/or research, and that I have acknowledged all material and sources used in the preparation oft his assignment whether they be books, articles, reports, lecture notes, and any other kind of document, electronic or personal communication. I also certify that the assignment has not previously been submitted for assessment in any other course or at any other time in this course, unless by negotiation, and that I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of other students and / or persons.

I have read the CQU policy on plagiarism and understand its implication. I can produce a hard copy of this assignment within 24 hours if requested. ”1.What is a ‘knowledge worker’ in the context of today’s business world? The definition of the term knowledge workers has varied depending on the are of speciality. In the current business world, information and knowledge are regarded as the most valuable assets in the business environment. The knowledge is intrinsic to the workers who utilize the knowledge for the benefit of the organization.

Knowledge workers in today’s business world are the persons who are valued for their aptitude and capability to act and communicate with knowledge within a specific subject area. The knowledge workers progresses information available concerning there subject of specialization through various means such as focused analysis, design and/or development. Knowledge workers are therefore persons who are beneficial to the organization through various ways such as evaluating data input to assess complicated or conflicting priorities, establishing data relationships, identifying, creating connections, understanding and predicting trends, convergent and divergent thinking, comprehending cause and effect, new capability production and strategy modification.

Knowledge workers therefore possess valuable experience and expertise for solving organizational problems in order to influence company decisions, priorities and strategies. 2.What is the difference between “information technologies” and “information systems”? Several authors have used the terms information systems and information technology interchangeably. The authors have in some cases implied that the two terms mean the same thing. However, other authors such as ** maintain that the terms refer to different concepts. An information system is the wide collection of interrelated components, policies and procedures, regulations, software, hardware, network technologies databases, and people that cooperatively function together to retrieve, process, store and disseminate information to facilitate organizational control and decision making.

The term information systems, which has been there before the computer era, entails human activity system, which does not necessarily imply the use of computers. Comparatively, Information Technology entails the functionalities provided by telecommunications infrastructure, software, data management and hardware that are requisite for the system to operate. Information Technology concerns itself with the technology involved in the systems, therefore making up an important component of the information system framework.

  Whereas information system is a set of diverse components, information technology is a tool within those components that performs a function in the business environment. An information system surpasses the limited conception of technology, to include diverse subjects such as advanced business applications and conceptual behavioural concepts, within and outside the business environment. Furthermore, this includes effective management of information to accomplish the organizational objectives and managerial challenges faced in deploying the systems. Information Technology serves in enhancing the effective and efficient performance of the aforementioned processes.

An organization has an information system such as using postal mail services to communicate, whether it has computers or not, but the utilization of a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect the computer systems in different areas of the organization serves to enhance data sharing and communication in the company, hence the application of information technology.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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