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The paper " Systems Thinking and Sustainability Approach" is an impressive example of a Business essay.   The global policymakers have continued to face challenging choices in ascertaining the future possibility of sustaining economic growth and development as a way of avoiding intensive disruptions or ecological impacts. Following this line of reasoning, it can be said that an effective and efficient search for global sustainability indeed calls for a system thinking approach to formulate distinctive policies and, also intervention strategies (Videira, Lopes, Antunes, Santos, & Casanova, 2012). Failure to adopt an effective system thinking approach posits a risk of unplanned outcomes; for instance, the adoption of advanced technologies focused on renewable resources like bio-fuels may result in an invisible level of side effects upon the overall climatic change.

Nowadays, it has become almost impossible to conduct a self-contained evaluation of sustainability within a given sector without noticing the broader issues that arise in relation to climatic changes. The Current State of Sustainability In the past few decades, the need for sustainable development has increased tenfold amongst the numerous stakeholders involved like the government, the non-governmental agencies and, also the general public at large (Allen, 2010).

  There has been a continued need for incorporating sustainability development and growth into numerous operations like urban and industrial growth for purposes of eliminating possible hurdles (Dominici, 2015).   In effect, sustainable development has been made a core facet in tackling the strategic challenges faced in every aspect of industries across the globe.   The current leading manufacturers operating in the United States of America and overseas as well have continued to emphasize the need for sustainability in their respective internal business processes as well as in ascertaining the immediate customer value propositions (Henning & Henning, 2013). The interface is a perfect example of a firm that has continued to employ and emphasize the need for sustainable development in its operations.

The firm, being a well-known leader of industrial floor coverings, adopted sustainability principles through the production of commodities with processes that are more sustainable in nature.  


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