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The paper "Mercedes Company Developments " is a good example of a management case study.   Founded in 1871, Mercedes company manufactures different types of advanced automobiles such as family cars, and commercial tracks (Bhasin, 2016). Since the historical, Mercedes company has had constant innovations that had a massive contribution towards the company ability in attaining an automotive global leadership position. Currently, the industry is attributed for being at the forefront in manufacturing the electric driven vehicles, improving the safety of the driver and passengers, attaining global competitive advantage, and improving on the organization sustainability.

As such, this paper seeks to identify and analyze Mercedes company growth based on the innovation strategies, value proposition, the sustainability efforts and competitive strategies in the motor industry. Innovation Attention Assist In the road Transport industry, long journeys without road stops expose drivers to fatigue which carry a high risk of road accidents. This is because the majority of the drivers are unaware of the fatigue hence the onset of drowsiness while driving. Mercedes company is renowned for inventing attention assist vehicles purposefully to foster the safety of drivers and passengers by reducing the increasing number of accidents.

The attention assist model was to target the majority of the drivers exposed to drowsiness or the sleep-deprived drivers who are known to fall asleep while driving. The model basically alerts the driver to stop the car and take some rests after detecting the unique driving style from the driver (Mercedes-Benz USA, 2017). Attention Assist model employs the use of sensors that analyze driver behavior and recognizes vast driving styles due to driver’ s tiredness (Mercedes Benz, 2017). For example, the model detects vast steering corrections that can suggest the onset of the driver drowsiness.

Additionally, Attention Assist invention considers and an array of factors such as how the driver interacts with the vehicle controls, switches, crosswinds, and road smoothness purposefully to alert the driver on how to keep the eye on the road. Basically, it can be argued that Mercedes Attention Assist was purely a reverse invention. This is because the core purpose of invention focused on identifying the existing customer pain, the decrease of the automobile accidents, and development of a product that solves the customer problems, thus the innovation of Mercedes attention assist (Parkman, 2017).

Essentially, Mercedes attention assist invention underwent glocalization by selling the attention assist equipment to the current users of Mercedes vehicles (Parkmann, 2017). Glocalizationinvebtion is also showcased through the optimization of the Mercedes vehicles to target the developed-global consumers and the premium price for the margin orientation (Parkmann, 2017). Sustainability According to Taticchi, business sustainability refers to business technique under which creates long-term shareholders values by advocating for the existing opportunities and managing organization risks in the economic field, environmental changes, and social developments (Taticchia, 2017).

Recently, Mercedes company launched the Mercedes EQ Model which is an electrically driven brand purposefully to foster the sustainable development of the company (Mercedes-Benz Germany, 2017). The model adheres to the zero-emissions of the CO2 to the environment as per the regulation of the various governments. To ascertain the organization sustainability towards environment and business, EQ model uses only 5-minute charge time for 100 Kilometer, adheres to comprehensive electro mobile ecosystem, strong and cost efficiency for the targeted consumers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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