Essays on Ethical Standards of the Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concession Group Case Study

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Generally, the paper "Ethical Standards of the Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concession Group" is a perfect example of a business case study. CIMIC (Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concession) formerly the Leighton Holdings was found in 1949 by an Englishman named Stanley Leighton. It started as civil engineering, telecommunication, resource and mining, environmental services, property and building, and construction company. The company's subsequent restructure and Leighton's acquisition by ACS, a Spanish construction group, lead to the change of the business's name to CIMICS. This change resulted in the representation of a more profound purpose and services of the company as well as gave support to the new model's operating transformation. The company has filed several cases of corruption and bribe activities to overseas countries to be granted contracts.

As a result, the Australian Investigation commissioners and Securities in conjunction with the federal police investigated corruption cases on the Leighton Holding Company’ s deals before the ACS took over. Some of its executives had to be executed due to bribe allegations linked to the Iraq oil pipeline contract where millions of dollars were unaccounted for their use. Other corruption charges were recorded when Munro, the Thiess Division manager, was demanded by Indian police.

He was accused of cheating a coal business partner in the multi-dollar deal. Despite Australia being a signatory to the world’ s Anti-bribery convention organization, its companies record high cases of corruption where they make offshore payments to secure contracts. The World Bank gives records of billions of dollars squandered on bribe scenarios to the public officials for maximum gain in their business transactions. Ethical standards of the CIMIC group as in Article 1 The CIMIC group’ s ethical standards differ from the standards of practice documented in the 1st section of codes of ethics.

The 1st joint practice of practice recommends the realtor to stay obligated by the duties imposed by the Code. The CIMIC Group follows the legalized facilitation payments in Australia for its business profitability.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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