Essays on Sustainable Management Futures Assignment

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Number of wordsQuestion 1Q. Using one of the following companies examine its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities and behavior in its home country as well as overseas. Evaluate its ethical and environmentally responsible behavior by applying relevant ethical theories and sustainability models to date and make recommendations (1,500 words)Through this essay my intentions are to examine the corporate social responsibility of a company of choice. The essay will start off with a brief introduction aimed at setting the pace for the forthcoming discussion and increasing the understanding different ethical theories and sustainability models to be used in the context.

In order to understand the meaning of corporate social responsibility of any given company we should be able to address several issues in relation to the chosen firm. First we should be in a position to assess the eminence of the companies’ executive by evaluating the human resource management as well as production. Secondly, an assessment of how the company factors in various costs of production and their impact on the community within its locality as well as their intensity will be vital.

According to in, corporate social responsibility refers to a state in business where firms are prompted to promote economic, environmental and sociality sound systems. According to the following discussion shell is the company of choice therefore the discussion will feature the company and analyze the firm’s corporate social responsibility activities in the global village. To start with in argues that Shell is among the hundreds of oil drilling companies in the world and the company is highly ranked and worth the discussion. The activities of this company hit the international news platforms in the year 1995 in relation to its operation in Nigeria.

According to the author the company is believed to have played a significant role in two unpopular events namely; plans to sinks Brent spar oil platform and its reluctances in averting the execution of prominent activists including Ken Sawo-wiwa. Through a report released in an attempt the salvage the reputation of the company it was evident that the company assumed some degree of responsibility as far as CSR was concerned. For an instance the company cited both its strengths and it failures through which are was clear that it had failed to assume environmental and social responsibility of its activities in the region.

It focused on sustainable development as well as passive role in addressing most of its shortcoming in the region a behavior that differs from what it does at home. From the brief explanation above it is clear that the company has had it failures and according to scholars a viable CSR model should enable a firm to address the three basic requirements.

Arguments by base on Kantian model that business enterprises are allowed to maximize profit as long as they concur with the laid down rules and regulation of the society and as long as they do not harm the society. Looking at this theory we find that the company could have prevented the execution but it was not obligated to do so by any law. However, there was some degree of failure regarding its passive nature which attracted international attention.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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